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The meaning of the words “minute” & “mail” can already give us a pretty clear idea of what function it develops. Basically, with this kind of sites like 10 minute mail you can create a fake or temporary email account that will only be active during a certain period of time. How many times have you wanted to register on a website but, you don’t want to give your personal email? Well, these disposable emails are created principally just for this kind of occasions! Just use a fake email services like 10minute email and then you will be able to do everything you want before it expires.

This way, you are protecting your personal information being shared with an online website that will probably just use it to send us spam emails that you certainly don’t want.

One handy advice from our side is that you want to use this kind of disposable email like 10 min email on pages in which our mail is required to download a file, program, PDF or similar. It is not recommended to use this type of mail on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any important platform which you will use on a regular basis; as our mail may disappear from one moment to another and it may lead you to lose accessibility on these platforms.

10 Minute Mail

As the name suggests, the time 10 minutes mail offers us is very short, so we have to accurately calculate the time it will take us to do whatever we want with the email we generate. If you believe that the registration time can take more than ten minutes, or that the verification mail will take longer to arrive, you only have to click on the option of 10 more minutes, that’s located just on the right side, where our email address appears. And so, the email will last 10 more minutes.

10 Minute Mail
10 Minute Mail

The website itself has a countdown that will tell us the remaining time you have left. At the bottom, you can see the verification email that will send us the website in which you have registered and by clicking you can open the message to read it, reply it and forward it. Pretty easy right? But, do not leave now! We have many 10 minute mail alternatives to recommend you, so keep reading to know the page that suits your needs the best.

10 Free Temporary Email services to Get a Disposable Email

At first glance, it may seem somewhat complicated or insecure to open a temporary email account. But, luckily it’s not anything like that! We have infinite varieties and different 10 minute mail alternatives in the web that can be so useful and help us to do what we want according to what we need. In addition, most of these alternatives to 10 minute mail are totally free.

On the Internet, we can find dozens and dozens of 10 min mail like temporary email services. But, with so many options it might also be difficult to choose just one. To help you with this, we have made a list of the most popular temporary email services that can be just a good 10minutemail replacement. We searched among hundreds of websites to find the most perfect disposable email that, either by its functionalities, duration time or reliability, can adapt to our demand.

1. YopMail

If we talk about sites like 10 minute email, YopMail is a platform that instantly comes to our mind. Although the email it creates as in all the following is temporary, unlike the others there will be a time limit to use it. Thanks to cookies you can access your account and keep several anonymous emails at the same time. In addition, you can check the mailbox, reply to messages and even forward emails.

Another advantage of YopMail is that it is totally free, so you won’t have to pay a single penny for it. But the strongest point of this website is that there’s an option to install plugins and widgets for the most used browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and others. In this way, you can easily manage all your disposable emails.

You have two different ways to create the YopMail account. You can either choose the name of the address or randomly generate it. For both, the first thing you have to do is enter the YopMail Website.

To Register with a personalized Address:

  • If you want to do it with a personalized address, (all with the ending @ in the main page you will see a small window where you have to write the name of the email address that will have our temporary account.
  • It is convenient or at least advisable not to use names of common emails since there may be several users with that name. Once the name has been decided, click right next to it where it says “Check Inbox“.

10 Minute Mail Alternatives

  • It will take you to the YopMail inbox, where you can read the received messages and write new ones to accounts that are also created in YopMail.

To Create Random Email address:

  • You just need to check below where you have the previous option aforementioned. You will have an option that says “Random Email address generator“. By clicking that option you will create an email that has random characters but, they will meet certain security requirements so that nobody can copy them or can log in by randomly typing letters.


  • Once your anonymous and random email address is created, copy the address and click on “Check emails” button. It will directly take you to the inbox. Now you can use the same email address to register or sign up in the websites you want.
  • In addition, the received mails will appear immediately in a temporary mailbox, just below the address that has been created by clicking on “Check emails

Note: It should be noted that these emails will never be deleted but, every mails are automatically will get deleted after 8 days.

Visit website:

2. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is also one of the sites that we think can be just like 10 minute mail. By selecting this disposable email service, you will become the owner of an email that will last one hour, which is 10 times better than the time ten minute mail provides us. The great advantage of this page is that it has one feature that allows you to choose between 11 different domains or adding an account of your own domain in the Tools section of the website. On this site, the accounts do not expire but, all messages will be deleted after the 1 hour time period is over without exception.

Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

One of the greatest advantages offered by Guerrilla Mail is the privilege to send messages to other emails and of course, you can also reply to them. On the other hand, it should also be noted that they have an app on Google Play. For all those who own an Android smartphone, you can download it by clicking on the download link you find below.

Guerrilla Mail
Price: Free+

To create a disposable email with Guerrilla Mail, you have to follow these steps:

  • First, you enter the Guerrilla Mail website.
  • Once here, you will not have to do much since the web itself assigns us the mail name automatically.
  • You only have to choose the domain among ones offered by the platform itself.
  • Right there on the main page, you will have the input tray where you can read, reply or send messages.

On the internet, as usual, we can shuffle among many options than the three that we talked about before. In addition to these three, we can find other fully valid platforms like the ones that are mentioned below:

Visit website:

 3. Mail Drop

Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

With this service, your account will not be deleted at any time while you still have traffic, but you can only see the last ten messages since the others will be deleted automatically.

Visit website:

4. Getnada (GetAirMail)

sites like 10 Minute Mail

The accounts that you create here will be terminated in the next 24 hours, but they have the great advantage of being able to support rich text; you can even customize it so it notifies you with a sound when you receive a new mail.

Visit website:

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5. Temp Mail

It offers ten different domains to create your temporary mail. The email account will be deleted 24 hours after the last access you had so if you log in every day you can basically have a long-life account that will be active until you don’t use it anymore.

Temp Mail

Visit website:

6. Mailinator

Without a doubt, this page has to be the most sophisticated and beautiful design among all the websites we have mentioned in this article. If you want a website that can be just as useful as the others but, you also care a lot about how the page looks this is definitely your page. You can choose a custom name for our disposable mail and the duration of the messages will be a few hours.

Visit website:

7. Mint Email

Mint Email

Just by simply accessing the web, it will automatically create a temporary email address that will last a period of 3 hours. It also allows us to customize the name by clicking on the top right in Custom Address.

Visit website:

8. NowmyMail

First, you need to access the web by googling it or through the link we provide down below. But, when it completely loads, you will be able to create your account. You need to enter a personalized address in the box that allows us to do so and click on “Check mail” or complete the Captcha on the right side of the web and click to automatically create your temporary email. It lasts 60 minutes regardless of what you do. The maximum time you have is one hour.

Visit website:

9. FakeInbox

Go directly to the web and click on the button where it says “Create random email address” and immediately an anonymous address will be generated to use it as a temporary email, for a maximum time of 1 hour. But you can actually increase the time it will last without limit, the only thing that might be kind of boring is the fact that you can only increase it one hour. After that hour ends, if you want to keep using it, then you can add another hour.

Visit website:

10. Dispostable

You can create your account with the ending @ just by entering the name of your personalized email and clicking on Check inbox. The messages that are sent to this address will last 3 days before the system deletes them forever. An advantage is that the messages that you read will be stored for months by this platform, so you can access and read them again in case you want to.

Visit website:

Although we have mentioned many alternatives to 10minute mail, that doesn’t mean it’s not any good anymore. That’s totally not it! There is a reason why 10minmail is the main topic after all. But we’ll give you the benefit to pick the best alternative, so comment down below what’s your favorite platform from the ones we have mentioned in this article! And of course, if you know another useful disposable email platforms, we’d love to know and test it ourselves.



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