Update: March 2024

Phishing emails are very common today. That’s why we must be careful whenever we receive an email that looks suspicious. We’re going to talk about a specific email that warns us about an unusual login in Hotmail, and tells us something like “your Hotmail account has been locked” or “Your Hotmail Account Suspended“.

This Hotmail scam email will try to make us download a Trojan. A Trojan is a virus that will try to steal valuable information from our PC, such as banking data, passwords, multimedia files, etc.

hotmail phishing scamHotmail scam email 2024

The Hotmail phishing email is usually titled “Unusual sign-in in Hotmail” or some similar text. The emails use very striking phrases, as we have seen in other scams like get back on Facebook with one click already.

Once inside the email, the text will display an unusual login from a suspicious location has been detected. Apparently, we must click on the link they are giving us to verify we are not in that location.

Hotmail scam emailHotmail phishing email 2024

From this link, the fake Hotmail email will redirect you to a site similar to this: http://hotmail-email.com/HB/[email protected]. This link simulates being OneDrive, the Microsoft cloud service that allows us to store data and link it to our Hotmail account. After this, the site will ask for our email address and password.

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Don’t Trust Hotmail Phishing Emails

If we enter our email and password after using the link, the scammers will be able to steal our password. Also, a Trojan will be downloaded – such a virus can to do a lot of harm to our computer.

That’s why we should always avoid suspicious emails and strange links that do not match with the web they claim to be. Logically, hotmail-email.com is far from being a Microsoft OneDrive legit address, (outlook.com or live.com) don’t you think?

We should always check the spam filter in our email service, and above all, be very careful with the site address whenever we’re logging in our Hotmail. If it is not a secure site, a small mistake can bring important consequences.

This is What Hotmail scam email look like:

From: Hotmail.com

Subject: [youremail]@hotmail.com Suspended from hotmail.com database Unlock now

This Account [youremail]@hotmail.com has been
Suspended from our hotmail.com database.
Follow this link to Verify if you are the owner of this account

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What do you think of this scam? Have you received an email saying “Your Hotmail account has been locked” or a similar one about an unusual login in Hotmail? Tell us about it in the comment section.


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