Last Update: March 2024

You can Read WhatsApp Messages without Sender knowing

Hello, Whatsapp users here im going to show you How to Read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing (means hide blue tick). So lets see How to tricks your friends 😉

Let’s be honest, raise your hand, if on one occasion you have left your friend message at seen on WhatsApp. They will know that you are seen their message by the whatsapp Double Blue check mark. Of course they will mad at you, especially if a girl.

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Many will say that with the double check of WhatsApp that is solved. Yes but, when you don’t want to be controlled? If you disable last seen option in WhatsApp, the double blue tick will not be displayed when you read it but, not when you send it, which happens exactly the same as when you hide your last seen time. disable whatsapp blue tick on android

Read Whatsapp Messages without Blue tick until you reply

However, today we encountered Hide Read recipts for WhatsApp, the ultimate antidote to Disable whatsapp blue tick on android. It is a ‘bridge’ application that simply allows you to read the messages sent to you by your Whatsapp contacts without entering the application.Read Whatsapp Messages without Blue tick until you reply

In short, Hide Read for WhatsApp enjoy all the advantages of double check pound blue but you accountable when they do not want to reply to a message. How does Hide Read for WhatsApp work? What the application does is to make-to your authorization-the notifications of your phone.

This will get the messages and displays them inside the application, just as if you received them from one of the groups – solution solution – or one of your friends directly in WhatsApp.

Hide read for WhatsApp

We have tried it and the truth is that it works wonderfully, although sometimes it takes a while to process the message especially that of the groups.

The multimedia files receives into a specific section so you will have to directly access the from the multimedia menu, whatsapp double tick mark hide

  • videos
  • photos
  • audios and recordings.

There you can anonymously access the files without anyone knowing that you have seen or read them.

Whatsapp double tick hide app
Whatsapp double tick hide App

This is the great advantage of the app in front of the widget. Besides, that here you can navigate without problem throughout the conversation without knowing at any time that you have read the message. read whatsapp messages without blue tick

The premium version, free if ten friends download it:

Hide Read for WhatsApp is available on Google Play for free. The only drawback is advertising banners and pop-ups with videos when you access the multimedia section.

To get rid of it you have to get ten friends to download the app by sharing the link directly from the app (does not work with groups, so you’ll have to do it one by one).

With this app your Whatsapp friends will only see that you have received the message but, they will never know that you have read it (No blue tick). Our advice, choose well that you recommend it is not going to be that the grace stays in nothing if everybody makes use of this app.



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