Are you wondering how to get free robux on roblox? Then you’ve come to right place, In TechinDroid we’ll show you How to get Free Robux In a legit way.

Roblox is a social network where players can select the type of game you want, ROBLOX’s graphics are very similar to Minecraft’s, however, it also is one of the most addictive games in recent years.

Face it, we’ve all dreamed of having free Robux and have, at least once, looked for ways to get them. Whether you’ve been watching Youtube videos on how to get free Robux on roblox or reading blogs or pages that show you how you can get thousands of millions of Robux for free, then you’ve started on the wrong foot, as the methods that these places use are fake. Do not be fooled. Downloading programs that promise you free Robux is dangerous, these programs trojans, spyware or hidden worms that can only harm your computer or steal info from you. This is where we come in and teach you how to get free Robux & some free robux hacks which you can use for increase your robux currency.

This guide can:

  • Disturb, amuse and make you angry…
  • Demonstrate how you can earn Robux for Free!
  • Give you free robux no verification, no download and no survey 2017 for pc.

WARNING: Roblox by itself is free to play but, everything that has to do with Robux is “Not Free”. So if you’re not planning to invest real money, then this blog will not help you. Thanks for your understanding.


How to Get Free Robux On Roblox 2017

Here we bring you the working methods to get free robux on roblox and these roblox hacks are working in a legit way.

Method: 1

Exchanges and collectibles

free robux no verification

Are you the one who wondering how to hack roblox? Then this is the method you can use to get free robux and what you need for this method:

  • Buy Robux and spend them on collectibles and limited items.
  • It requires Builders Club.
  • It requires a minimum of 200 Robux.

Limited products include hats, faces, hairstyles, weapons, anything you use to decorate your Roblox character.

How it works?

roblox hacks

Now, I will give you an example. The image above shows a limited article. The branches known as Sinister (these types are the very ugly tree trunk horns, that in my opinion doesn’t deserve to be a limited item, however, there are people who like it). Initially, Sinister Branches cost 125 Robux. Currently, Sinister Branches have a value of 1,500 Robux.

get Free Robux 2017

And for example, if you sell in the store of Roblox you can make bank, even if you’re only earning a percentage of the item’s total price. If you invest 125 Robux, you can be assured that your profit will be doubled.

The most expensive and valuable items such as Dominus are worth millions of Robux .
They are very valuable items and that few people possess. Although some items are worth thousands of millions of Robux, it is because they simply do not want their own salespeople to sell them.

They can start with inexpensive items, everything depends on the weather, for example, I have 5 items from Bombastic Neon Animal Hoodie. I Bought 2 for 100 Robux ones and the other 3 to 300 Robux approximately.

How to get Free Robux 2017

These hats are now worth 1300 Robux. I’ll wait two more years to increase their value. Another thing you can do is exchange items. To do this you’ll need to have Builders Club. You have to be clever to exchange, you can’t afford to get yourself in a bad deal, get yourself some good deals that can increase their worth in the future. To know the value of a limited article there are multiple pages where we inform the RAP a limited article. As you see strategy that matter in robux hack 2017.

You can check Roblox Exchange forums to get exchanging partners. If the exchange is fair and if you can make a profit in the future.

Method: 2

Roblox Robux Hack Tool

Roblox Robux Hack Tool

Let’s see a last method to get free Robux, using a roblox robux generator. But, I don’t recommend this method, so try this with your own luck. Some of the tools are promise you to give free robux no survey, What the truth is they won’t keep the promise, you will be locked into surveys.

The last method of this post is using the roblox hack app. You can use this app to generate hundreds and even thousands of Robux, this is a more secure method than the ones we talked about at the start of our post.

Thanks to this app, several friends of mine have generated hundreds of Robux to buy all the items they want without spending a penny.

  • Visit Free Robux generator online [Here].

Use this free app to generate Robux you want in your Roblox account.

Method: 3

Have your own game

How to get Free Robux

Requirements: roblox hack

  • You only need Builders Club (You don’t need Robux).
  • You need to be creative.
  • Have some sort of programming knowledge. (I don’t have any )

Big games like Prison Life, Lumber Tycoon, Pokemon Brick Bronze, Vampire Hunters 2 for example…

The creators of these games, earn large amounts of Robux for their successful games. How do they do it? They sell, for example, VIP upgrades for your character or anything else you sell for Robux.

So, if you know programming basics and have some sort of ludic knowledge, alongside an idea for a fun game, then go ahead and create one! Just keep in mind that to publish your own game you need to be in the Builders Club.

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I wish to talk about robux generator before end this post, There are none of the working roblox generator exist in the world so don’t waste your valuable time on trying them. Please feel free to leave your comments in the box below if you have a problem with any of the methods to get free robux listed above and share this post with all your Roblox friends so that they can also start making bank on the game!


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