Last Update: March 2024

Are you tired of invite your facebook friends one by one to like a Facebook page? There is a simple facebook trick that help you to invite them all in one click.

Facebook is one of the leading ranking social network and is that millions of users who use this platform every day. Our communication has varied a lot since Facebook came into our lives, how would our life without Facebook? Aww! … Now, that would be unthinkable. Creating a Facebook page for companies and business is very simple. You should know that there is a feature which you can invite a friend to like page but, Facebook doesn’t offer send invite to all friends at the same time. Its because of prevent spammers through this way but, To invite friends one by one is become quite a waste of time & must be a slow process. You wish to invite friends to like a page on facebook in one click? This article will be helpful to you.

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When it comes to promote your facebook page you have to spend some money to get more visitors and likes to your page. But, fortunately there is a trick that let’s you invite All friends to like Facebook page at single click.  

Invite All Friends to like Facebook page [Script & Extension]

There two working methods available for invite all facebook friends to like page by single click 2024. Including invite to someone else’s page on facebook.

Method #1

1. At first, launch Google Chrome.

Note! This trick only works on chrome browser.

2. Second step, go to the page that you want to perform a mass invite. ( TechinDroid of course!) And click on “invite friends to like this page“.Invite All Friends to like Facebook page [Script & Extension]

3. The list of your facebook friends list appears: Scroll down to the bottom till the list of your friends ends Now place the mouse pointer on the search bar & right click and select “Inspect” option.Invite All Friends to like Facebook page script

4. Don’t panic! It is only the source code of the page that appears to the right of your screen. Go to the “console” to invite friends to like a facebook page that is not yours

5. Copy and paste the following piece of code into the console tab:

Var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName ('uiButton _1sm');
 For (var i = 0; i <inputs.length; i ++) {
 inputs [i] .click ();

Console6. Finally hit “Enter” key. And Boom! The invitation has just been sent to all your friends. In fact, you simply asked your browser to ship the invitations for you.

Method #2

Facebook Friend Invite Chrome Extension 2024

This method is based on a chrome extension (Facebook Friend Inviter) that allow us to send bulk invites to like facebook page, So lets see how to do it.

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1. At first go to chrome web store from the below link and install the Facebook Friend Inviter add-on to your chrome browser.

Unknown app
Price: Free

2. Once you have installed that you have to open the facebook page which you want to invite peoples to like the page. And click on the “Invite friends” option on the page. Facebook Friend Invite Chrome Extension 2017

3.  A pop-up that show your friend list with the option to invite them. At next you have to click on the extension symbol that appear on the top right corner of your browser. Click on it to start sending automatic invites to all your friends.Facebook Friend Invite Chrome Extension 20174. Wait until the auto scroll done, all your friends have been selected. Now it will show a message, all the friends were selected.  Just wait 30 secs if its not send invites again click on the extension icon. In this step browser should slightly stuck some time its upon the number of friends you have. It will take 2 mins to send the 4500 invites.How to invite All friends to like Facebook page By Single Click

5. Thats all! Now all your all friends will receive invitations instantly and your page likes will be increase.

As you can see, So I hope invite all friends to facebook page in 2024 is quite easy and totally free of cost. This two methods currently working well i have personally tested it. By using above procedure you can also promote facebook page that is not yours.


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