Since you started using facebook in abuse ways for your business , making your facebook group popular, Invite peoples to like your page. To do these all things you must create a fake facebook profile for getting more attention from the world . After that you will get a lot of friend requests .Facebook is only let users to make friends upto 5000 after that you cant ADD new friends .

How to Unfriend All Facebook friends at Once

Unfriending old friends may be the solution of it. Is not possible to unfriend facebook friends one by one .its wasting of your time. ill share you a bulk unfriending trick for facebook both mobile and pc users. Its a simple and easiest method anyone can use it.

Steps For PC users (Chrome Add-on)

This is easier way to unfriend Up to 4500 friends with single click.All you have to do is Download & Install Friends Removal – Unfriend All at once extension for chrome available on chrome web store.

How to Unfriend All Facebook friends at Once

Click on  Add to Chrome Button to install it on your browser
Get control of who’s on your friendlist. Fast & speedy. Show all of your friends in descending order. 
Click on FB Friend Remover toolbar button to open friend list window & start loading all of your friends. It may take a while if you have too many friends. 

How to Unfriend All Facebook friends at Once

Your best friends appear on top. The inactive friends who you never talk to appear at the bottom. 
The FB Friend Remover app allows you to filter friends by name or profile picture, so you can remove those you don’t know or you don’t want to keep.

Steps For Mobile Users:

Login to to your facebook at
Then Click on Profile section you will find it at top, After that select Activity log

Unfriend all friends facebook

 After that you it will show your all Recent Activities .Note: Only you cant see your activities.
Then Click on Filter Option

How to Unfriend All Facebook friends at Once

After that a list of the filter menu will appear .
Select Friends option .Now it will show all your friends list by month . so select the month and you will receive a activity log like this

How to Unfriend All Facebook friends at Once


Then Click Unfriend Buttons So you can unfriend multiple friends at once and this trick will save your time a lot . Version also works great for this trick


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