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How to hide Friends on Facebook from others

How to hide Friends list on Facebook

How do i hide my friends list on Facebook?, Hiding your friends on Facebook can be done by just few steps that's what TechinDroid...

How to type Euro symbol (€) on Keyboards

Learn how to type a euro sign on keyboards using Alt shortcuts and other manual ways. To write Euro symbol € on mac and windows keep...
occt download

Download OCCT (Over Clock Checking Tool)

Over Clock Checking Tool OCCT download for windows PC and laptops. When acquiring new hardware to your machine overclocking may be useful to perform tests...

10 Best Minecraft mods to install

Surely you have heard about Minecraft, a successful sandbox game that has racked users and awards ever since it came out in 2009, mainly...
Best Free VPN Services 2017

Best Free VPN Services 2018

Updated: January 2018 When it comes to internet privacy VPN is ideal solution, most of the VPN services are requiring subscription to use them. Today...
Get more instagram followers 2017

How to Get more Followers on instagram

8 Working tips to GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM.Instagram is currently my favorite app! But the iconic photo-sharing app is the best when you...
How to Fix Search not working on Windows 10

Fix Search bar not working on Windows 10

This will be crazy when you were searching for file or settings using windows 10 search bar, And the function windows 10 search not...
pandora for android (2)

Download Pandora Radio App for Android

With the free "Pandora Radio and music app" get your favorite music on the Android phone. Here in we bring you the latest version...
Remove iCloud Activation lock iPhone

How to Remove iCloud Activation lock

Last update: January 2018 How to unlock iPhone / iPad that has been locked out by iCloud lock. iOS 7 brought many new features, one of which is...
How to Get Free Playstation Plus Codes

How to Get Free Playstation Plus Codes

Today in TechinDroid we will show you Where to get cheap PlayStation Plus codes? and how to cancel playstation plus subscription from automatic renewal. PlayStation...

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