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Learn how to use Netflix for free! Who subscribes to a free Netflix for a month, can not do that without sharing their credit card details and you have to pay for Netflix after trial ends. We explain how to not pay for Netflix at the end of the trial period. So keep read this article to get Netflix one month free for $0.

Netflix has been available in United states since 1997. For a fixed amount per month you get unlimited access to a huge library of TV series and films, which you can stream over the internet to a device of your choice.

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Is Netflix free?

Netflix isn’t free, To entice as many people as possible to try out the service, Netflix offers each new user can create a Netflix account with free 30-day trial period (Netflix free subscription 2022). But there is a catch, because when you create an account you also have to share your credit card or debit card or PayPal information. As soon as the trial period has ended, Netflix will automatically start charging you. Also read, how to get free netflix without credit card, An easier guide for get Netflix free trial without credit card.

What if you are not satisfied with the service and do not want to continue the subscription after the free month of Netflix? We explain in four steps how you avoid unwanted costs at the end of your trial period and use Netflix without paying.

How to Get Netflix Free for a Month 2022

Here are the steps you should follow carefully to watch Netflix For free 30 days and avoid getting charged after the trial period over. Step for follow to get free Netflix:

  • Step: 1 Create an account

The first step is to watch Netflix for free is creating a new account, for that Surf to the Netflix website and click on “Start your free month“.

watch netflix for free

You will be redirected to a form where you can register a new account. Use a valid e-mail address and choose a strong password. Optionally you can choose to register via Facebook.

How to Get Netflix for Free a Month
Sign up for Netflix for free
  • Step: 2 Choose a subscription

On the next screen you choose the subscription you want to try. Netflix offers three different subscription plans, which differ in quality and the number of screens you can choose at the same time. You can upgrade or downgrade to a different rate at any time. how to get free netflix account

Get Netflix for Free a Month
Watch Netflix free
  • Step: 3 Link credit card or PayPal

Finally, Netflix asks you to link your credit card or PayPal account. Research by our editors shows that in both cases you need a credit card. Even when your PayPal is linked to a valid bank account, you will be asked to add a credit card. Once you have added your payment details, you can get started with Netflix. This is how to get Netflix free trial for a month and now its the time to watch your favorite TV series, movies on Netflix. Do remember one thing, note down the date you have registered Netflix free month. you will need to cancel your subscription within next 30 days of registration. Your card won’t get charged before the trial period ends. to get a free month of netflix forever and year

How to Get Netflix Free

  • Step: 4 Cancel your subscription (At the 29th Day from Signup)

Your free 30-day trial period starts immediately after successfully created Netflix account. After that month, Netflix will automatically start charging you. To prevent this from happening, surf again to the Netflix website and login. In the upper right corner, click on your name and select ‘My account‘ from the drop-down menu. netflix free trial hack

Netflix Free Account

On the screen that appears, choose ‘Cancel Membershipunder ‘Membership and Billing’. Then click on ‘Finish Cancellation‘ and your subscription will be closed as soon as the 30 days have expired. You can reactivate your membership at any time via the same route if you decide to pay for Netflix. And this is how to get Netflix free for a month, using Official Netflix trial period. Have you tried to make a Netflix account for free? by following our steps do let us know in the comments!



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