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Last update: March 2024 is an free roblox generator app which you can use online, This site promises that it give robux free for all users and i even tried that what does this site do.

Screenshot of

therobuxapp com

I was curious to know and have typed in the robux generator site my username and how many robux i want and the site was executed some commands like accessing roblox database and generating free roblox and finally showed me this note! The server sent the request to ROBLOX server, to complete the application click Continue!.

Then i have clicked the continue button. Wow instead of giving me free robux i got the message “Verification Required” it asks me to complete an offer and why would i need to complete that offer?? I’ve Quitted it LOL.

These kind of sites @‌ therobuxapp. com are just alive on web for only make money online, if you complete an offer that shown on that site the site owner will get $2 to $3 upon offer completion.

If you want to get robux for real and in a legit way i recommend you read our guide about how to get free robux.



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