Last update: March 2024

The Best torrent clients 2024 for P2P file sharing (Windows, mac & Linux) free.

Even though streaming services are becoming the norm, a lot of users still prefer to use P2P methods to download data, as it is an open network based on sharing already downloaded files. To enter this world is as easy as downloading a torrent program, but which one is the best for you? Today on TechinDroid we’ll show you The Best Torrent Clients of 2024.

Top 10 Best torrent clients 2024 – 2024

We begin our list of Top 10 Best free torrent client for Windows, mac and linux of 2024.

1. qBittorrent

Best torrent clients 2021
qBitTorrent is a jack of all trades & the Best torrent client 2021, it combines some of the best features with the customization of a simple UI, and on top of all, it’s really lightweight and doesn’t consume System resources. The program also comes with a browser, a media player, encryption, prioritization over other torrents and files, IP filtering, and torrent creation. All in all, a pretty well-balanced torrent client. This program comes with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Download qBittorrent here.

2. BitTorrent

Best torrent clients 2021
BitTorrent is, alongside uTorrent, the most used torrent program in the world. Which is curious, as they also own and develop the “second best” uTorrent. They are almost the same program, with the exception of BitTorrent’s different UI. The main differences between them are that BitTorrent uses a web-based seeding tracker to when a torrent has no seeds and its creator comes from an HTTP- Private trackers are also more friendly with BitTorrent compared to uTorrent.

BitTorrent download here.

3. uTorrent

Best torrent clients 2021
This is historically the most popular best torrent program, as well as the most used one. uTorrent has been a reality since 2005, and boy what a roller coaster of a ride have they had. They have been bought by BitTorrent, Inc. not so recently ago, and ever since that buy, fans of the program have been bashing on it because it started becoming filled with ads more and more, however, it’s still one of the best torrent clients out there. It has a remote mobile app, where you can track the status of your torrents or add new ones. uTorrent has clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android

UTorrent download here.

4. Deluge

Best torrent clients 2024

Best torrent clients 2021
Deluge is the most customizable client of this list. It’s backed by a lot of support plugins. Its appearance is quite similar to that of uTorrent, but it comes with the advantage of not having ad software on your client. The list of plugins is large and comes with many unique features. Its interface is reminiscent of uTorrent, and one of it features is that it comes with a large capacity of download scheduling and it has the possibility of moving the downloads to a particular directory. Deluge is built for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Deluge download here.

5. Vuze torrent client for windows, mac & linux

 torrent client for windows, mac & linux
This client has free and paid versions. This client, formerly known as Azureus has two versions: the more complete, full version called Vuze, and its lightweight sibling Vuze Leap. The main differences between the two of them are the ability to use plugins, built-in video conversion, and a web remote controller. Vuze is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Vuze download here.

6. Transmission-Qt Win

Transmission Win-Qt is a Windows port of the program above. If you’re used to Transmission but you have to use Windows, fear no more, as this program will suffice your needs, it’s not perfect, and can become a problem if your torrents are bigger than 1TB (although that shouldn’t be a problem), and memory leaks can be an issue if you leave open for longer periods of time.

Transmission download for Windows here.

7. Transmission

Best torrent clients 2021

This client is the best choice for those using a Mac or Linux computer, it’s free, lightweight, it has no app and is more powerful than it appears to be. Its wide range of possibilities makes this program a simple decision for an advanced user, personally, every time I install a new distro, I download Transmission right away. Its the best torrent client for mac and linux.

How to Download torrent file on Android.

Transmission download here.

8. BitLord

This is the simplest and lightest torrent client around. It doesn’t come with ad software, which is always good, and it includes VLC so that you can stream the torrents you’re downloading. Not only that but also there’s the possibility of using this client as a torrent search engine so that you can find and download your torrents without having to use a browser.

BitLord download here.

9. BitComet

 torrent client for windows, mac & linux
BitComet mixes the possibility of uniting all your downloads, be that direct download or torrent downloads, all in a single program. It also comes built-in with VLC, so you can also watch or listen to your downloaded files. BitComet is available for Mac OS X and Windows, and we sure hope we’ll get to see it on Linux one day.

Bitcomet download here.

10. Tixati

 torrent client for windows, mac & linux
The last item is a really dark one. If you’re bothered by the white backgrounds on almost all torrent clients, then look no more, Tixati comes with a dark background, remembering of what WinMX used to be. It also doesn’t come with ads, and it’s light as heck. This client is available for Windows and Linux.

Tixati download here.

And this is the end of our list, we hope you liked it and found it helpful. Torrent clients are an important part of the download world, and that’s something that streaming programs won’t make us forget (at least for now). Share this post if you think a friend may need it, it helps your friend and us!



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