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Do you need some help entering the KickassTorrents site? Don’t worry. As it can be hard to access KAT right now, here we’ll tell you how to Unblock KickassTorrents with kickass proxy and mirrors 2024.

We all have heard of torrent sites. These big domains have a vast array of files as varied as you can think of. One of the most known torrent sites is KickassTorrents, famous for its sleek design and huge file database. But, it’s not like a lot of fame is good for a site like that, right? No, because torrent sites host illegal downloads. Usually, sites like or (New domain) face censorship and blockages in a lot of countries, in an attempt to stop these activities – however, as we in Techindroid believe in the Internet freedom, we’ll talk about how to breach said censorship. You can unblock KickassTorrents using kickass torrents proxy or kat mirror sites! We have listed in this article.


How Does A Torrent Site Fight Against Censorship? A Brief Resume of KickassTorrents

The story of KickassTorrents is very long. This site was one of the first torrent sites to reach mainstream popularity, and since then it has remained as one of the most popular download sites. The files that can be found in KAT are extremely varied, ranging from e-books, music files, videos, series, and movies to even NSFW content. The browser works with keywords and tags, so you can find something even if you don’t know the exact name of what you’re looking for. Torrent sites work with p2p technology – if people download the file and store it in their computers, they can later choose to “seed” said file, and use their upload speed to help you download it later. The more people are seeding a file, the easier it is for other people to download it. That’s why torrent sites are so popular and so hard to regulate.

This site is one of the main targets of legal actions against illegal download sites. Just like The Pirate Bay, another site that has been discussed in our web before, KickassTorrents has faced a lot of trouble – censorship from determined countries, regulations of any kind… Eventually, they were forced to shut down their operations entirely in the main site. However, just because the main site was lost doesn’t mean the brains behind it are lost as well.

A group of the authors of KickassTorrents went back online recently and hosted a new web. It is a reincarnation of the original web – it uses a new database but, has the usual aspect that people know and love. Behind this website are many of the authors of the first KickassTorrents site.

Shortly after the closure, several members of the KAT community regrouped and launched a forum in which they insinuated that the archives would also be available again in the future.

That forum created a new site to download ‘torrents’, which has the same appearance as its predecessor. The site is born with a completely new user database but, several members of the original team participate in the new project. “Most of the staff, administration and moderation teams joined us after KAT fell, and that is something we are very proud of because it demonstrates the loyalty and dedication to KAT that we all share,” the team said.

Kickass Proxy, VPN, Mirror Site – What Should You Use?

To be completely honest, this question is something rather usual. Before choosing an option to bypass the blockage of the site, you need to know first why the site is blocked, or why you can’t access it. It can be down because of technical issues – you won’t be able to reach it in any way if that’s the case, so remember to keep track of the server status.

The other options are very simple – KAT could be facing a blockage of their main site, or the site could be blocked on your country, or blocked by your ISP. If it is the former, Kat proxy | Kickass torrent proxy and mirror sites are the best choice for you. Usually, the legal actions take down the main site, but mirror sites still work just fine and let you access the KickassTorrents database easily.

If you’re facing a local blockade (ISP block), mirror sites will also do good. But if the site is blocked in your country, then that’s where a VPN comes into mind. Using a VPN could trick your ISP since it says you’re trying to access from another country. Either way, usually these type of blockages aren’t able to shut down kickass torrents proxies mirror sites, so they should work fine, too.

Kickass Torrents Proxy & Mirror Sites List [KAT Unblocked]

These Kickasstorrents proxy sites were tried and tested by ourselves. If you need to use a mirror, kickass to proxy check these out! and use it for unblock KickassTorrents.

katcr.toVery FastNot Working
kickass.unblockme.euVery FastNot Working
kickass.immunicity.cabVery FastNot working
Thekat.infoVery FastWorking
Sitenable.topVery FastOnline
Sitenable.pwVery FastWorking
kickass.cdVery FastWorking
Katcr.coVery FastWorking
Kat.sxVery FastOnline
Filesdownloader.comVery FastOnline

You can try all the listed Kickass mirror site one by one and settle with the one or two Kickass proxies that work best in your country, and with your Internet service. There is no sure – you must try them for yourself!

Kickass torrent

Remember to switch sites every now and then since Kickass mirror sites are not guaranteed to be up forever. If none of them work, then the site must be down because of a technical issue. Feel free to use other torrent sites while you wait.

Be careful with your Internet activity. Torrent sites always remind and advise us to secure our privacy, because downloading copyrighted files is not legal. If you can obtain the things you need in a legal way, then it’s strongly advised that you do so. However, if you ever see yourself in the need to use a torrent site, we hope that this little article helps you.

How has been your experience with torrent sites so far? Do you prefer direct downloads? Or maybe you know more kickass torrent mirror sites for KAT or other torrent sites such as Extratorrent, ISOHunt? We in Techindroid as always looking forward to reading your experiences, so don’t be shy and tell us about it in the comment section below! To read more articles like Kickass proxy unblocked sites list we recommend you enter our section Torrent.


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