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Here is compilation of the most used popular Best Torrent sites of 2018 – 2019 around the world, which can be used for download free music, movies, ebooks, games, software and much more.

Torrents are the way a huge chunk of people download their media, files and games, the way these files are “downloaded” is using a .torrent file to fetch the trackers that download the files. However, there is a ton of torrent sites, meaning that there may be malicious ones that download malware. The solution for this is finding the best and most secure torrent sites so that you download your torrents with a peace of mind. Today on TechinDroid we’ll list you the Top 15 best torrent sites of 2019.

To download torrents you need a torrent client, which we have already covered in an earlier post about the best torrent clients 2019. For the sake of this list, we’ll recommend BitTorrent, as it is the easiest and most used.

For starters, the market of torrent downloading is headed by The Pirate Bay, they are the most famous ones, with over 14 years of services, they have been escaping international law for a few years now and while it probably won’t have 100% of what you want, it’s still the de facto place to find and download torrents.

Rarbg is the second web portal for torrent downloads, followed by (this one specialized in movie downloads). There are also some other websites, which will be shown on this list. Our honorable mention is Kickass Torrents. It used to be the second most used site, but a shutdown a couple of years ago rendered its library nonexistent and now they are at a huge disadvantage against the other ones on this list. Previously in techindroid we’ve talked about kat alternatives. However, we know they’ll pick up the slack and become one of the best once again.

Top 15 Best Torrent sites 2019 March

Here is the list of Best Torrenting sites for music, movies, games and mac, windows softwares 2018 – 2019.

1. The Pirate Bay (For Music, movies, Apps and games)

Best Torrent sites 2017

This site, developed by Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Gottfrid Svartholm in September 2003 in Sweden is the most used torrent search engine in the world. ThePirateBay servers support SSL encryption ( Secure Sockets Layer ). In other words, it’s a safe site for file transfers, you can download your .torrent files and magnets here with safety, without having to worry about viruses (in most of cases).

This is one of the best sites to download torrents also one of the popular torrenting sites for books. It’s easy and simple, you just have to search for your torrent, click on it and click the magnet icon to sync BitTorrent with the website. TPB is used by over 112.3 million people to download their favourite movies, videos, eBooks, music, TV shows and more. Having troubles accessing pirate bay? checkout our guide to unblock ThePirateBay in your country.

2. RARBG – best torrent site for Movies & Tv shows

Best torrent sites for books

Best torrent sites for books

This was originally a Bulgarian torrent website, but it has steadily gained the trust of users worldwide and trusts their videos, movies and series with a blindfold. This should be your second alternative if you didn’t find what you were looking for at The Pirate Bay.

3. Torlock

Best Torrent sites

This site is all we’ve been looking for. You may not believe what we are going to say to you, but it is true. Torlock pays its users $1 for every fake torrent they find.

This makes it much safer and even attractive. If it turns out that you find a suspicious torrent, they reward you for that. What’s better than that? It’s a good way to make money online without investment while finding the torrents you were looking for.

4. ExtraTorrent

Best torrent sites for books

This alternative has been gradually earning more and more users, especially due to the care that its founder puts to make its visitors feel right at home. Give it a try, it might be of your liking. Having troubles accessing ExtraTorrent site? checkout our guide to unblock ExtraTorrent in your country.

How to Download torrent file in Browser and IDM.

5. YTS.AG torrent site for movies 2019

Best Torrenting sites for movies

Its a famous torrenting site for movies 2018; This site has nothing to do with YTS or the original YIFY but it has been gaining a lot of users in the recent months, as they offer high-quality movies, even though it’s not the official site.

6. TorrentFunk

Best Torrent sites

Torrentfunk is one of the best platforms torrents that exist on the web, with 8,944,193 torrents -and counting- and a total 2,173,290 verified torrents ready to download. Torrent verification is one of the main points of the site, it checks all torrents that are up to prevent false or have other malware. Not all of them are verified, though, because let’s be real, there are too many. But it’s better than having no verification at all and we also know that they are working on it.

Over 2000 torrents are added to this site every day. So, you can imagine why it’s so popular. It’s quite easy to use as well, you can use the search bar or browse categories. If you are unsure of what you want to search, review the Top 50 Torrents list that’s on the homepage.

7. Torrentz2

Best Torrent sites

This site is the spiritual substitute to, which was voluntarily closed this past summer. This is a meta-search engine that gives the users a new and improved indexing algorithm, looking in over 60 torrent sites for their queries.

8. SeedPeer

Best Torrenting sites for music

Seedpeer is a database that is quite large compared to many torrent sites. The site currently holds over 3 million files, so it’s probably that the movie you’ve been looking for is here. The interface is not the best, though, it can get uncomfortable, but you get the hang of it quickly.

This site is very usable and it’s pretty simple too! You can write what you need on the search bar that the site offers you, thus finding your files in an easy manner. Seedpeer is and has always been a great place to look (mind the interface), if you’re feeling like finding something, you can look for categories and taking a look at the huge library the site has.
One final cool feature about this site is that you can find links to other torrent related websites, as well as finding interesting things on SeedPeer.

9. Demonoid

Best Torrent sites

Demonoid has been a faithful provider torrents since 2003. The only detail is that it is a private community. This means that to join the web, you need someone of the same send you an invitation. However, don’t be discouraged, sometimes users can freely sign up, you need to keep an eye on it at all times, though.

Mind you, this is not always. The last post in this regard was on July 21, so if you’re interested, you must be aware of this. This is a pro as well as a con, because, on the one hand, a web of private torrents is safer. But on the other hand, if you’re not a member, you can not download the torrent you want.

Once you’re part of this website, you can ask the torrent file and they will give you a direct link to it. Demonoid has 2 domains: if do not work, try

10. TorrentProject

Relatively a newcomer to the torrent world, it holds more than 10 million .torrent files on its database for you to download favourite movies.

11. LimeTorrents

Best Torrent sites

LimeTorrents had been falling in the charts until recently, as it seems that they have gained some advantages over other torrent websites in the current months.

12. 1337x

Best Torrent sites

1337x had a rollercoaster of 2016, as they balanced between stability and imminent shutdown all over the year. Last year the administrators and moderators of the website showed some concerns about 1337x’s safety. However, the situation stabilized in the recent months, so its traffic has gone back to normal and they also bolster a whole-new design.

13. EZTV.AG torrent site for tv shows

Best Torrent sites

This is the successor to an older portal that closed its doors due to a hostile takeover in 2015, although the new owners state that they are operating with their own torrents, the site is banned in several meta-search engines because of certain suspicious movements.

14. TorrentDownloads

Best Torrent sites

This site has already been with us a few years, in fact, it is one of the oldest, with TPB, although like others, is currently blocked by ISPs in several countries, although it is also true that still has millions of users every month.

15. is the last item in our list, This torrent site is strongly recommended for whom search for movie torrents in various languages ie. English, Russian, Korean, French, Japanese and Italian. Its famous for movies, Tv shows and has 500+ series. And the site is really ease to use i haven’t found any adverts / pop-ups on their page.

16. Sky Torrents

Its has the large database torrents with a simple interface and no ads, Sky torrents indexing millions of torrents apart from other torrent sites this site gives attention to user’s privacy. Therefore this website do not track user activity & do not use cookies.

Disclaimer & Legal Warning about Torrent

TechinDroid never wink at illegal file sharing way, some of the pages distributing copyrighted materials by this way. And we must consider this P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, only some of the pages sharing copyrighted files. Uploading copyrighted files bring you risk of a civil accusation in the Australia, Canada, USA and UK, at a minimum. You are under the surveillance of ISP, they can log your browser history , downloads and uploads! This can puts you in the risk and chances to get accuse by the copyright protection groups.

And this is the end of our list of best torrent sites 2019 March. Torrents are a blessing for most, but a curse for others, it can be a pretty dangerous activity if done wrong and you won’t only get some viruses on your computer, but also a fine if you’re from a DMCA protected country and don’t use a VPN. If you have any opinions on this list, don’t be afraid to leave them in the comment box below and share this post with your friends if you found it useful!