Last Update: March 2024

Are you having problems when you try to access the Extratorrent site from your browser or phone? Then this article must have been made for you! Learn how to unblock Extratorrents using Extratorrent proxy and mirrors 2024.

We all know that sometimes, the software we need is unavailable for us because of how much it costs. For one reason or another, sometimes we can’t afford to pay the price we should pay. If that’s your case, you must already know about torrent sites, right? Those beautiful, almost miraculous sites where you can find almost anything you need – if it’s something downloadable, of course. Torrent sites like The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents are very well known among Internet users. Today we’re going to talk about another site, just as good as the previous ones but, not as famous as them. In this article we will show you how to unblock extratorrent in your country.
Extratorrent is one of the largest torrent sites on the web nowadays. It has a huge database of torrents and, thanks to the new torrent updates that are made every hour, Extratorrent is loved and recommended by millions of torrent users. This site lets you search for any movie, TV show, games, any kind of software… pretty much anything you would need. You can download all of those files for free using the website. Shortly after another famous torrent site, Kickass Torrents, was closed, the Extratorrent team decided to keep their website hidden in order to prevent the same thing from happening to them. After some time and the urge of many users, Extratorrent went once again public and free for everyone.

In the case of torrent sites, when the webpage gets higher visibility on the Internet, it could also be dangerous for the internet provider. As a result, many ISPs start blocking the website, since the government orders the ISPs to blacklist the site. This is done as a measure to prevent piracy, since sharing files protected with copyright on the internet is illegal. If they manage to apply a full blockage of the site, nobody will be able to load the Extratorrent site using the current domain: or If the site is disabled in your country, when you open it, it will be replaced with some odd warning message or error page. The screenshot below shows what I see when I try to access the page.
extratorrents blocked
That’s why Extratorrent is always changing its domain to a new one. However, in the future, ISPs block new domains too. Proxies and mirror sites are the best way to use the page for bypass the ISP filter.

You could have Extratorrent blocked in your country. Even if that’s your case, you don’t have to worry. We have the solution here: Extratorrent proxy / Extratorrent mirrors. Here TechinDroid lists out the current working proxy of Extratorrents for March 2024.

15 Working ExtraTorrents Proxy List / Mirror Sites 2024

You can unblock or using these working Extratorrent Proxies and mirror sites.

 Unblock ExtraTorrents with VPN (Recommended)

Proxies does its job well on bypassing the internet censorship. But, for a little while only, then after the proxy sites going offline and leave your hands at the very first place where you looking for proxies, this could be a quit annoying thing to find another working one again. That’s why in techindroid we recommend you to move on from the proxy and mirror sites, VPNs are exist for a reason right? There are many free VPN apps out there for OS like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, you can easily get one from your phone’s app store by searching “Free VPN”. Or simply download and install our recommended VPN for unblock Extratorrents from the download button you will find below.

How to use VPN to Unblock Extratorrents:

  • First things first, download the VPN app on your device by clicking the right download link depends on the Operating system you using.
  • Once downloaded, install it on your device and Open it.
  • In the VPN app choose any of the VPN server located at the Foreign country to Connect through. And then Tap on the Connect button.
  • Thats it, Now open your favorite browser and visit
  • Now the site will load without any issues! enjoy torrenting.

Psiphon VPN Download For windows:

Download button

Psiphon VPN Download For Android:

Psiphon Pro
Price: Free

Psiphon VPN Download For iPhone:

Price: Free+

Tor Browser For Mac:

Download button

More Proxies:
Pirate Bay Proxy 2024: The Pirate Bay Mirror Sites List
KickassTorrents Proxy & Unblocked Mirror sites
Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy

Extratorrent proxy list:

Extratorrent proxy 1

Extratorrent proxy 2

Extratorrent proxy 3

Finally Extratorrents unblocked!

unblocked extratorrents
Unblocked extratorrents / extratorrent unblocked

This screenshot shows that Extratorrents unblocked successfully and working fine using one of the proxy listed here, of course other mirrors also work like charm.

I hope these 15 working extratorrents proxies are allow you to unblock extratorrents easily in a few seconds, if you found this article useful don’t forget to share it with your friends.To read more articles like extra torrent proxy 2024 we recommend you enter our Tips and tricks section.



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