Top 5 Alternatives to Kickass Torrents

Last Update: June 2018

After the shutdown of, there are many of the new torrent sites born. We review the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents after the website has been closed.

Kickass Torrents , our favorite site at all ;-), And now is inaccessible. Kickass Torrents has been shut down and its owner is take down the largest torrent site on the web.

We even say that before KAT closed, in the case of torrent download sites. None will live forever but, that doesn’t mean that torrent downloads will disappear.

Note: Also learn how to unblock RARBG torrents as well as Kickass Torrents without mirror or proxy in your country if it is blocked.

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And is that, for every web that is closed, there are ten more alternatives. It seems a mythological legend but it is reality. The new “heads” are even stronger and by that I mean that private trackers are getting stronger. alternatives torrent sites

But, if you are looking for a public and open website to download torrents now that KAT has closed, you will be glad to know that there are many alternatives and that probably the name Kickass Torrent will be recovered in the future by another project (this is what usually happens).

Kickass Torrents is Back!

You were missing Kickass Torrents? Stop looking for alternatives, because the original creators of this mythical web of downloading torrents have returned to launch the new kickass torrents site. It has the same design as the original page and indeed many of the uploaders are former members of the former Kickass.

Kickass torrent

The new website is available in the domain, (new kickass domain) and is the continuation of the project died with the closure of The new site maintains the original web design and includes a huge catalog of links to files that have been collected by the staffs and that the new KAT site becoming a part of original KickassTorrents.

What happened to Kickass Torrents?

The US government, which with the help of the Polish police, has just arrested 30 years old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin, the alleged owner of Kickasstorrents.

With 50 million visitors each month, KAT had become the largest torrent sharing site in the world, even ahead of The Pirate Bay. Kickass’s advertising revenue is estimated at $12 million to $ 22 million.

Artem Vaulin is accused of helping distribute over $1 billion worth of copyrighted works and disregarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( DMCA ).KAT owner Artem Vaulin

US authorities have entered the following fields but, since the primary site / server has been entered, all addresses used as proxy are also HS:

  • – Kickass Alternatives that Working in 2017 – 2018

We have made our selection of KAT alternative torrenting sites depends on most visited new torrents websites. After kickass torrents got down alternative.

1. The Pirate Bay – Most visited Torrent site

After the shutdown of KAT, Pirate Bay has officially become the most used torrent website in the world. Yes, it is but, although the bay is more famous and the most representative of the pirate movement, it was actually the second most visited behind KAT.Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents [KAT]

Therefore, the most logical option to replace KAT is The Pirate Bay. The passage of the years does not seem to affect the project, and although it has to make constant leaps from one domain to another, for the moment it has not been closed permanently.

2. RuTracker, from Russia with torrents

The history of RuTracker is very interesting. It was born as a private web site registration required to download and of course received pressures from the industry to close, becoming blocked by many Russian operators and forced to sign collaborations with copyright owners.KAT Alternatives to download Torrents

In the end the decision of the web admins were fed up and instead of closing the web. They did the opposite: open it to the public and allow all kinds of torrents. In this way, RuTracker has become one of the more alternatives to take into account to download torrents.KAT Alternatives to download Torrents

The website is completely in Russian but, if we use a translator we should have no problem using it. It has the huge number of categories. We can create an account optionally, which can use the integrated search and download the .torrent. If we do not register we will use Google search and we can only get the magnet. In any case, there is not a big difference.

Thanks to the wide variety of torrents and the community, RuTracker has become one of the most popular torrent websites.

3. Extratorrent kickass alternative 

The first impressions to the down of Kickass Torrents have not been expected. The most popular accounts, which went up dozens of torrents each day and groups of the pirate scene are looking for alternatives to keep sharing files and Extratorrent is one of the best alternatives to kickass torrents.

kat alternative Extratorrent kickass alternative

Extratorrent already was a good alternative before KAT got down, and hopefully now covers a little the gap that has remained. It helps a lot that at first sight is a page very similar to KAT, with different categories and languages available. Extratorrent kickass alternative

Extratorrent grace is in its workings; Its creators say it is the “largest torrent system“, and that is because they do not depend on a single tracker but, from this website we can upload and download torrents using any tracker on the network. kickass kat ph alternatives

4. Demonoid, Best private tracker Turned Into public

For a long time Demonoid was the benchmark in the private torrent trackers sector but, after being closed down and returning with more force than ever. They decided to open their site to public. Kickass torrents alternativeDemonoid

Therefore, Registration not required to Search torrents. Although we can register if we want.

Its popularity has increased remarkably & attracting many of KAT users. In general in Demonoid you will not find as many files as in other webs but, you will enjoy a selection better worked by the community.

5. Limetorrents , Best of the torrent network

kickass alternative sitesUnlike other websites in this list, Limetorrents actually links to torrents stored on other websites. So it’s a kind of catalog of torrents that can help us find what we are looking for regardless of the page that has it.

The bad thing is that Limetorrents doesn’t have a community as such, so if that’s what you’re looking for you’d better try other pages. Also, there is no content for adults.Limetorrents


When I visited this page it opened advertising that tried to download executables. So it is not recommended if you do not have AD Blocker.

6. KATCache, A backup of Kickass Torrents

These alternatives are fine but, what about the torrents that were in Kickass Torrents and that we will never see again? Have we lost them forever?KATCache

Fortunately there is the KATCache project, which stores more than one million KAT torrents before the web closes. Its creator had the idea to take advantage of the API that KAT offered to make a backup of all the uploaded torrents, obtaining hundreds of torrents every hour. A backup of Kickass Torrents

Now that KAT has closed, it shows how good this idea was. In addition, now also gets torrents from other websites like TorrentHound, GloDLS and Demonoid. kickass alternative 

The page is very simple, it only consists of a search engine but, if there was a torrent that you wanted to download from KAT and you missed it, this web gives you a second chance.

As for the web, it is exactly as we justify it, is identical to the original and probably will not be the last to recover the name of Kickass Torrent alternative 

Disclaimer & Legal Warning about Torrent

TechinDroid never wink at illegal file sharing way, some of the pages distributing copyrighted materials by this way. And we must consider P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, only some of the pages sharing copyrighted files. Uploading copyrighted files bring you risk of a civil accusation in the Australia, Canada, USA and UK, at a minimum. You are under the surveillance of ISP, they can log your browser history , downloads and uploads! This can puts you in the risk and chances to get accuse by the copyright protection groups.

Of course, there are many more torrent sites on web. But, these are the best alternatives to KAT 2017 & in which we will find the best torrents. Also, there is possibility that the original KAT will return one day like nothing, although we should not bet on it. What page will you use to replace Kickass Torrents?