Alternatives 2018

Here we listed 6 Best Alternatives 2018 edition, Which will help you do unlimited torrenting. was worked as a BitTorrent search engine since 2003 and in fact, it had an extensive referenced database. And its one of the largest Torrent search engine. Of course the portal became so popular, because it would give you relatively little effort to get free access to copyrighted content – music, movies and other entertainment content.

Gary Fung, the owner of the original IsoHunt, closed his website because of lawsuits and after paid $110 million to MPAA Three years ago. Now the real ISOHunt site redirecting to another site. In its agreement with Canada Music, formerly known as the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA), Fung has agreed to pay them 66 million. However, the is the clone of real IsoHunt, But it doesn’t has the torrents that uploaded there in the old site. Alternatives.

So, we are looking for the alternative torrent sites to . Even the IsoHunt will shut down, torrents are not going to stop they still reborn with new torrent sites and other popular torrent sites. Especially since the clones of the web are already more Popular than the original. IsoHunt will continue to exist just as Pirate Bay and Kickass have. Alternatives 2017 – 2018

Here we begin our selection of Alternatives 2017, you should pick the best from the list as you wish.

1. The Pirate Bay

The most popular torrent directory in the world, The Pirate Bay (TPB), has been massively impoverished in recent years. However, this was only the (probably less) part of the efforts of the content industry, but rather the fact that streaming has become more and more popular even with illegal film and TV content. Now, however, TPB is pulling.

2. is the second alternative in our list and somewhat less known. This website is famous for movies, series and ranked under 200 on Alexa, It’s just like a clone of the isohunts. However, its popularity is because of the current platform are more responsible and doing a great job to keep the active site, with multi-millions of contents and listening to their users request on their forum.

3. Torrentz2


There are dozens of websites where to find and download Torrent files. We all know about a largest torrent meta search engine now its no longer working. Torrentz2 is the clone of the eu and a good alternative to ISOHunt.


Rarbg site founded in 2008, till now it provides torrent files and magnet links to P2P file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. This torrent site is popular for Movies and Tv shows.

5. TorrentProject

One of the popular Torrent search engine indexing 85 million live torrents. Torrentproject is very quickly find the torrent from its database that you are looking for.

6. 1337X

Its one of the best alternative to, There you can download verified torrents of movies, music, games, software.

Personally I use the number two on the list, RARBG, and sometimes  The Pirate Bay for when I need things I don’t find in RARBG but, certainly the private trackers have a place in my heart. These sites are the alternatives in 2018, Which ones do you use?