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Have you ever been experienced this, While travelling or at somewhere you hearing a sweet song that played by someone else and you like that music much then wanted to have it on your phone. But, you don’t even know the song name! You wanted to know what song is this? Now whats next, in this article we will show you How you can find what song is playing near you, find the name of that song by simply humming the lyrics. Yes, its possible by make use of song identifier apps on Android, iOS smartphone and online for PC users.

With the arrival of smartphones in our lives, we don’t need to stay with the desire to know what song is playing on the radio or on our TVs, not anymore. Our smartphone can help us to find the name of the song and singer. Thanks to the song identifier apps that exist nowadays, even if you don’t know the name of the song, or even a part of it.

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There are several apps identify songs by sound for Android devices that allow us to identify songs, and for that reason, we will now see a brief review of the best ones that currently exist available for download on the Google Play Store. There are also apps for the iPhone users on App Store and web apps we can use on our PC to find out whats the name of this song– we’ll see these ones too.

Identify Whats the Name of that Song | Song Identifier Apps

How to identify Which Song is Playing Near You using Android, iOS or PC:


Do you know that Ok Google can identify songs better than any other app dedicated to this purpose? It is one of the functions of the voice assistant. Surely it’s not something that can be seen at first glance, but it surely is very useful. Here we will explain how to use okay google what song is this feature.

The Google assistant allows you to find those songs that are playing in your environment just with asking. Say “What song is this?” or “What’s the name of this song?”, and the assistant will return a card with the artist, the name of the song, and links to YouTube and Google Play if you want to listen to it. You’ll even receive a direct link to Google to see more information. The assistant will also offer a card called “What is this song?” that you can present in the carousel to consult it, as long as you have selected voice input as the preferred input method.

It is a very simple process. First, you have to press the microphone icon in the Google assistant on the main screen of your Android, or directly in Ok Google. Then just ask “What song is this?”, Hey google “Which song is this?” or “What is this song called?”. The system will start listening and if it detects a song, it will add an icon of a musical note. To confirm that you want to know the name of what you are listening to, just press that symbol.OK google What Song Is This

This modality has several advantages for Android users. First, it frees up storage space by removing a third-party app that can serve to the same purposes (In the case of Shazam, 12.37 MB to be exact). This method is suitable for those who have little space on their cell phone. In addition, reviews of Shazam on Google Play say that it takes a long time to open and detect songs. Ok Google does it in seconds and with just two clicks.

Google Assistant
Price: Free

2. Shazam

Whats the Name of that Song

Shazam is the app that tells you name of song, an most known song identifier app exists, and therefore the most downloaded one since it was the first to reach our mobile devices. It allows us to identify songs in seconds, follow their lyrics in real time, buy the songs, listen to the complete songs using Rdio, Spotify, Deezer or Google Play Music, watch videos, the biography, discography and upcoming concerts of the artists. But that’s not all – Shazam can also save our song history, allow us to see the news and the world charts, or the specific chart for a location. It has a paid version that removes advertising.

3. Midomi (Website that Identifies Songs)

Midomi is a free song identifier online service that, in addition to performing the same functions as the previous services, has an enhanced search engine. Using it, we can find a song if we know certain information about it, such as the name, album, etc. It takes only 10 seconds to recognize songs with Midomi.

  • If you want to enjoy this service, enter

4. SoundHound

The second most downloaded app to identify songs is SoundHound, the only one that allows us to find the name of a song by humming. It can identify song by humming very fast, show the lyrics in real time, buy songs, listen to a preview, watch the video on YouTube and show the status updates of artists on social networks. SoundHound also has a history and statistics with the most listened songs, the least issued or most shared on Twitter, and has a map where you can see those songs newly identified by other users. It has a paid version that eliminates advertising and will show links to Wikipedia to get information about the artists.

App that identifies songs by humming

SoundHound – App that identifies songs by humming

  • SoundHound for Android:
  • SoundHound for iOS:

5. AudioTag

Unlike the previous apps, AudioTag does not have a function for identifying songs after listening to the audio for a few seconds. Instead, this website only supports loading a song to be able to identify it – that means we must upload a song previously stored on our computer.

What Song is this

It is a very good service that in most searches yields very approximate results. The recording is requested to be at least 15 seconds long.

These song identifier apps are really a life saver if you are a music lover. Have you tried any of the apps listed here to identify song playing near you? Was it helped you with identify the song? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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