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Last Update: May 2024

Starhub TV Guide online 2024 (Singapore): StarHub TV is the current king of Singapore’s Cable TV providers. Ever since it was launched in Singapore they offered their paid TV services till 2007. As technology started evolving, Singtel Mobile Network launched mio TV (formerly IPTV), after this, StarHub bought Singapore Cable TV, which has been providing cable TV services since 1991, afterward, StarHub launched their DTTV system, alongside StarHub Go, enabling users to watch their favorite channels via streaming on their mobiles, desktops and TVs.

Of course you’ll need a guide to make the most of your TV, Because wide range of available channels make you bit confused what channel to watch. Today in TechinDroid we’ll show you Starhub TV Guide schedule (Online Tv Listing), So that you don’t even miss a single series or movie.

Starhub TV Guide Schedule Today

StarHub can be a scary service to use, as there is so much variety that you can spend hours either zapping or jumping through channels and the StarHub menu can be a little bit complicated to use, so you’ll probably need a tech guy to help you out, fortunately, there is a way to know today’s schedule. You can check the whole day Starhub TV Schedule Online by Visit this link.  starhub tv channels schedule

Starhub TV Guide for Today

Starhub Tv Guide Schedule Online

There you’ll find Starhub go Online TV listing schedule on that page and you can see all of our channel’s schedules, including the channel’s numbers so that you can easily find the channel you want. StarHub Go also offers the channels as VODs, so that you can watch your favorite shows in case you missed them. This listing and schedule is also applicable for starhub cable Tv users. I believe this starhub tv guide / schedule is helpful to you.

Starhub Subscription plans

StarHub TV has 800+ channels which can be extended by contracting add-on packs, you can enjoy them by subscribing to one of the available basic plans starting from $26.75 per month, with this plan you can choose 3 TV genres from the following list:

Starhub Subscription plans

  • World News
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Kids
  • Life style
  • Chinese Infotainment
  • Chinese Entertainment.

Subscription plans List

No. of Groups you can choosePrice per month*
3(U.P. $41.73)
4(U.P. $48.15)
5(U.P. $52.43)
6(U.P. $55.64)
7(U.P. $58.85)

StarHub TV also offers 15 channels for free, if you don’t feel like subscribing, you can always watch these channels for free on your smartphone, PC or Smart TV.

Starhub Free TV channels promotion

Apps ChCh 899
Arirang TVCh 817
Australia Plus TelevisionCh 447
Bloomberg Television (HD)Ch 708
Chinese Business Network TVCh 809
DW (Deutsch)Ch 153
EurosportnewsCh 211
Go Shop HD7Ch 110
Hub E City (HD)5Ch 111
Hub Sports ArenaCh 112 / 205
Love Nature HD7Ch 416
MaxToon HD7Ch 322
NHK World TVCh 812
Russia TodayCh 151

TV Channel Listing online

Basic Groups
World News BBC World News (HD)1 Ch 701
CGTN Ch 722
CNBC Ch 707
CNN (HD)1 Ch 711
CNN Headline News Ch 712
Fox News Channel Ch 702
Sky News (HD)1 Ch 703
Education Animal Planet (HD)1 Ch 424
Animal Planet on Demand HD2 3 Ch 400
BBC Earth (HD)1 Ch 407
Crime + Investigation™ (HD)1 Ch 403
Crime + Investigation™ On Demand HD2 3 Ch 400
Discovery Channel (HD)1 Ch 422
Discovery Channel On Demand HD2 3 Ch 400
Discovery Asia HD2 Ch 461
HISTORY™ (HD)1 Ch 401
HISTORY™ On Demand HD2 3 Ch 400
H2 (HD)1 Ch 402
H2 On Demand HD2 3 Ch 400
National Geographic (HD)1 Ch 411
National Geographic Play HD2 3 Ch 400
Nat Geo People (HD)1 Ch 412
Nat Geo Wild (HD)1 Ch 413
Smithsonian Channel HD2 Ch 415
Smithsonian Channel on Demand HD2 3 Ch 400
TLC (HD)1 Ch 427
TLC On Demand HD2 3 Ch 400
Entertainment Animax (HD)1 Ch 532
AXN (HD)1 Ch 511
AXN On Demand HD2 3 Ch 500
BBC First HD2 3 Ch 522
Comedy Central Asia (HD)1 Ch 516
DIVA (HD)1 Ch 513
DIVA NOW HD2 3 Ch 500
FOX (HD)1 Ch 505
FOX Play HD2 3 Ch 500
FOXCRIME Play HD2 3 Ch 500
HITS (HD)1 Ch 519
HITS Replay HD2 3 Ch 500
Lifetime™ (HD)1 Ch 514
Lifetime™ On Demand HD2 3 Ch 500
MTV Asia Ch 533
RTL CBS Entertainment HD2 Ch 509
RTL CBS Entertainment HD On Demand2 3 Ch 500
Sony Channel HD Ch 510
Sony Channel On Demand HD2 3 Ch 500
STAR World (HD)1 Ch 501
STAR World Play HD2 3 Ch 500
Warner TV (HD)1 Ch 515
Warner TV Encore HD2 3 Ch 500
Kids BabyTV Ch 302
Boomerang HD2 Ch 317
Boomerang On Demand HD2 3 Ch 300
Cartoon Network Ch 316
Cartoon Network On Demand HD2 3 Ch 300
CBeebies (HD)1 Ch 303
Discovery Kids Ch 308
Disney Channel (HD)1 Ch 312
Disney Channel On Demand HD2 3 Ch 300
Disney Junior Ch 311
Disney Junior On Demand3 Ch 300
Disney XD (HD)1 Ch 310
Disney XD On Demand HD2 3 Ch 300
Nick Jr. Ch 304
Nick Jr. On Demand3 Ch 300
Nickelodeon (HD)1 Ch 314
Nickelodeon On Demand HD2 3 Ch 300
Toonami Ch 315
Toonami On Demand HD2 3 Ch 300
Lifestyle Asian Food Channel (HD)1 Ch 435
Asian Food Channel On Demand HD2 3 Ch 450
BBC Lifestyle (HD)1 Ch 432
Discovery Science (HD)1 Ch 423
DMAX Ch 426
Eve Ch 425
E! Entertainment (HD)1 Ch 441
E! NOW HD2 3 Ch 450
E! ZONE HD2 3 Ch 450
Food Network (HD)1 Ch 433
Food Network on Demand HD2 3 Ch 450
FX (HD)1 Ch 507
FX Play HD2 3 Ch 450
FYI™ (HD)1 Ch 404
FYI™ On Demand HD2 3 Ch 450
HGTV HD2 Ch 437
HGTV On Demand HD2 3 Ch 450
RTL CBS Extreme HD2 Ch 428
RTL CBS Extreme HD On Demand2 3 Ch 450
Travel Channel HD2 Ch 473
Travel Channel On Demand HD2 3 Ch 450
truTV Ch 446
Turner Classic Movies Ch 616
Chinese Infotainment Asia Travel (HD)1 Ch 833
CTI TV (HD)1 Ch 827
Phoenix Chinese Channel (HD)1 Ch 805
Phoenix InfoNews Channel (HD)1 Ch 806
TVBS Asia Ch 828
Chinese Entertainment Hub E City (HD)1 Ch 825
KBS World (HD)10 Ch 815
Oh!K HD2 Ch 816
ONE (HD)2 10 Ch 823
ONE (English)2 Ch 820
ONE On Demand HD2 3 7 Ch 850
tvN (HD)1 Ch 824
tvN VOD HD2 3  7 Ch 850
TVB8 (HD)1 Ch 829
TVB Classic Channel Ch 858
TVB Xing He Channel Ch 859


All of these categories are the basic usage plans for normal users and family. For advanced users and HD movie lovers you can opt for add-on packs available on StarHub’s website. add-on plans covers most of the Worldwide channels in Sports, Movies, and News. Almost all of Asian channels are available.

To enjoy channels in HD you’ll need HD enabled setup box and an HD upsize to make the most of your TV. Starhub’s HDTV offers 4 times better textures compared to SDTV. But, not all the channels are available in HD currently they offers 11 channel. And we have a few questions to know more info:

  • Do you use StarHub TV or a competitor? If you use a competitor, please answer why.

If you use StarHub TV, do you use StarHub Go for the ultimate on-the-go experience? With the current increase of bandwidth, you can rest assured that your favorite TV shows can also be watched in the subway. And what do you think about our Starhub Tv Guide schedule online and plan lists?. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box below and don’t be afraid to share this post if you think a friend may need it!


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