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Singtel Prepaid Data plans 2024 and singtel data plan activation USSD code / Top up guide.

Singapore’s top telecom service Singtel have unveiled their Prepaid plans for 2024. Let’s remember that Singtel is a pioneer in all Asian telecom, they were the first to launch dual-band network coverage, and are killing it with their Tri-band 4G+ Network, getting their data speeds all the way to 800 Mbps, making it one of the fastest telecoms in the world. If you are curious to know how speed the internet in your area you should try internet speed tester launched by netflix.

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  • Singapore’s fastest mobile network (Awarded by Ookla based on speeds from Q1-Q2 of 2024).
  • Singtel 4G reaches 99.90% of all Singapore.
  • There are certain places in the country where you can browse at 1Gbps.
  • Rather than paying for mobile data you should try Hammer VPN settings for Singtel for use free internet on your android phone.

4G ClearVoice

Call audio should be crystal clear, many phone manufacturers are aware of this and they try really hard to offer the best call speakers they can, but that only gets you so far, as most telecoms have a regular to subpar voice quality, Singtel on the other hand delivers top notch voice quality thanks to its 4G ClearVoice technology.

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It’s not only the sharpest of voice quality, but it’s also the fastest, thanks to 4G ClearVoice your call is set up in only 0.25 seconds! And what’s best, 4G voice minutes are billed at the same rate as your current voice rates, making it the best option to call your relatives, loved ones or teammates. Also have a look at best denki promotion 2024 and grab latest deals and promos.

Singtel Prepaid Data plans 2024 [ 3G / 4G]

Now, onto the Plans. Singtel currently offers data, Facebook, Whatsapp, LINE and WeChat plans: So let’s view all Singtel Prepaid Data plans 3G / 4G. Singtel prepaid data plan price tariffs.

🌎 SG-M’SIA DataPASS [New]

$101 GB28 DAYS

🌎 Value+ Data Plans [New]

$101.5 GB7-Day
$131.5 GB30-Day
$254 GB30-Day

Note: All of these plans come with a complimentary access to HOOQ. Enjoy more than 15,000 Movies and Dramas!

🌎 7-day Data Plans

Singtel Prepaid Data plan 2024

$110 MB
$2100 MB
$71 GB

🌎 30-day Data Plans

$101 GB
$203 GB
$305 GB

🌎 Singtel Unlimited Data Plans

These unlimited plans are currently available on hi singtel sim in 2024.

$72 GB1 Day
$166 GB3 Day
$3015 GB7 Day

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Facebook Plans

These plans work are useful if you spend a lot of time on Facebook, it’s always good to save a few $ if you can. Keep in mind that this plan will only work if you’re using iOS or Android’s Facebook App, or if you use browser i recommend you to use Google chrome or for use fb as usual.

$11 Day
$47 Days
$830 Days

WhatsApp Plans

WhatsApp has become one of the most used (if not the most used) communication app on mobile platforms, so purchasing any of these plans is a logical choice. This plan covers the usage of 1GB per day and it does not cover VoIP or the Location Share function.

$0.501 Day
$37 Days
$630 Days

Line Plans

If WhatsApp is the most used communication app worldwide, LINE comes as a clear second or third place, NAVER’s application has been gaining ground over the years and with these plans, you can cover all usage of your LINE activity, even voice, and video calls!

$11 Day
$67 Days
$1230 Days

WeChat Plans

WeChat is another huge communication app in Singapore. You can enjoy using this app with no extra data charges with the plans below.

$0.501 Days
$37 Days
$630 Days

How to buy Singtel Prepaid Data plan 2024

Its quit easy you can choose one of the available data tariffs from the table, Then GO to Singtel Hi Top Up page then mobile number. And choose your best plan, And complete payment. Thats all. You also have another alternative way to activate data plan on singtel using my singtel app.

My Singtel
Price: Free
‎My Singtel app
Price: Free

Alternate Way to activate: Just dial *100# from your phone and follow the USSD menu. How easy is singtel prepaid data plan activation Amiright?.

Singtel prepaid 3G 4G data setting

In order to use internet connection on your android, iOS or windows smartphone you will need to be configured with proper Access point settings under mobile network settings. But, Singtel automatically setup the Access point settings once you have put the sim card on mobile. In case if you are unable to connect to mobile data try this manual configuration.


On your mobile Go to Settings >> Mobile networks >> Access Point Names, Once you are in Press ➕ on right top.

Name Singtel SG
APN e-ideas


singtel prepaid apn settingsSave this configuration then you will be able to access internet without any bugs.

All above listed plans are Singtel prepaid data plan of 2024. The competition for the best Telecom carrier in Singapore has never been fiercest, every quarter carriers come with new innovations and enhancements to their antennas and services, thus making your overall experience more pleasing and fun. If you have a friend or family that is either moving to Singapore or is thinking about changing to Singtel, feel free to share this post, they will be very thankful!


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