Hello there, today in TechinDroid we’ll show you how to spend less time on internet & social medias to spend your time useful on other things.

As beginning of the every year, you may take the “good resolutions” makes its return: Take care of your family, eat more balanced, do more sports, read … But, what about our relationship to the Internet?. Did you think that you are wasting time on your phone and computer.

How to Erase your Digital footprints on Web, UnGoogle yourself.

Spend less time online. This is a resolution that lets you to set aside time to respect all the others. But, let’s say, just swearing away from the screens will not be enough: the best way to achieve a goal is to cut it into several easy steps to check.

At TechinDroid, we are delighted to know you are currently online to read us. But, we also know how important its for each one to set up times of disconnection … which only make better the moments that one agrees on line. Go jump, here are a few tricks to help you get there.

Tricks to Spend Less time on Internet in 2017

1. Buy a real Alarm clock

There is a bunch of times where I just grab my phone to set the time for my alarm clock before sleeping, and I finally find myself reading an wattpad. In links, refresh my mailbox, respond quickly to a message from my cousin and ask for an option for train tickets.

And even with the Night Shift feature supposed to spare my eyes and not keep me too far from sleep, I sometimes delay the start of my night by an hour. Congratulations (no).

The solution lies perhaps in the use of an object of antiquity (or almost): an awakening.How to Spend Less time on the Internet - 5 Life Hacks
Imagine all the benefits generated by the acquisition of such a product: with an alarm clock, the first and the last thing you will see when you get up and go to bed will be the hands of a watch; And not a bright screen that will attack you at a time when you need yet softness. Ah, awakening: what invention of the future.

2. Find a Hobby that Keep you away from a Screen

An activity that keeps your hands mobilized by a fluid or pasty substance, it is also an activity that will prevent you from tapping on your smartphone at the same time. Throw yourself into collages or pottery and you will see well. In addition, it will be a good way to reconnect with the simple pleasure of manual activities.

And then if like me you find that activities (= effort) always make more sense when they give birth to things that are eaten (= comfort), try to make your homemade bread , for example.Find a Hobby that Keep you away from a Screen

By doing this, you will remain focused on a specific task, you will air your mind at the same time and you will derive a great feeling of satisfaction from it in the end. Well, unless your bread has a taste of play dough Play Doh but oh, there we can no longer help you, it’s up to you to put some of yours too.

3. Multitasking is a Bad IDEA

At the moment of course, it all gives us the impression of saving time on life. Reply to e-mails by watching the BBC Nature or cooking a Stroganoff beef by ordering stuff on Amazon, for example.

But let’s be honest: either you will not understand the reproduction of marsupials or your simmered will be too salty (unless its your e-mails that are stuffed with shells or your sweater ordered in size XXL while you Make the M). For to do two things at the same time, it is far too often to do nothing well of the two.

According to researchers at the American Psychological Association, multiplying tasks can take you up to 40% of your attention. Multitasking is a bad IDEA

So stop messing up (yes, I change your but, it’s because it annoys me to see you waste you): if you read a book, don’t watch a series at the same time. Respect the work of content creators a little: does Romain Gary want you to understand nothing about “The promise of dawn” that he spent so much time writing? Do the writers of “The Young Pope” deserve that you no longer follow anything of the clerical shenanigans? Damn, make an effort and greet the artists.

4. Leave your phone at Home for Several times a Week

This is a bit hard to do when you go to work or going but, completely feasible at the end of a day or weekend: leaving your smartphone at home can force you to land a little. At the moment think this on your mind: there are many opportunities, if we look for them well, for which it is quite possible to dispense with being reachable. Go 10 minutes away from home to get a baguette, go see a friend to drink a pint, land at the cafe to book on the terrace, go to the neighborhood pool to do some lengths …

Take an example of Harry and Sally,  who don’t seem to interrupt consulting their Instagram accounts.Leave your phone at Home for Several times a Week

5. Try to remember every night what you did online during the day

It’s an interesting task and a trick to make your memory work: make a list of what we ate this week or the movies we saw this month.

What you did the same for your digital life? Try to summarize what you have done with these 3 hours spent in front of your laptop, slung under a plaid in the sofa. You will soon find out if this time has been productive or not.

Setting your browsing history on the paper will offer the opportunity to prioritize your activities online during your next escapades on the Net. Word of the Internet users who regularly goes from unnecessary links to useless links, before angrily looking up to the sky to realize that “open interesting articles in tabs without going through their reading” Is like “buy a try to flank it in his library and have the misleading impression that we already know a little more about the subject just because we own the book.”

This life hacks will surely help you to spend less time on internet & social medias in 2017, Also make your day delightful. So why are you waiting for just stop wasting time on internet and have a happy life with your fam.


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