Last Update: March 2024

How to get night shift on iphone 5 6 & 7s: After several release of betas, The iOS 15.2 comes with Night Shift mode feature. By using Night mode we can try to change the color temperature of our iOS device and see if that helps us sleep. Its also works like flux on the Mac. But, now we have something very similar in the iPhone and iPad officially. night mode iphone 5

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We are going to show you two different ways to activate and deactivate Night Shift on iPhone and iPad. Also a trick that allows us to use this function in low power mode where Apple theoretically off to save battery. Let ‘s see how. iphone night mode ios 10

Method #1

How to Activate Night mode on iPhone

 Step: 1  The fastest way to activate Night Shift is through the Control Center of iOS. To do this Touch the bezel below the screen>> Swipe your finger up onto the screen. (i.e. swipe up.)

 Step: 2  Now you will see some shortcuts and tools. Now click on the “Half Moon” button to toggle night mode on iPhone & iPad running with iOS 9.3 and up. night mode iphone 6
How to Activate Night shift mode iPhone

Method #2

Night Shift mode Settings for iPhone & iPad

 Step: 1  Another method available in Settings>Display brightness that allows us to change options for Night Mode.

 Step: 2  You can also schedule it to turn on and off automatically at certain times. Also we can activate it manually. We can also adjust the color temperature and choose just as comfortable for us:

Night Shift mode Settings for iPhone & iPad Night Shift mode Settings for iPhone & iPad

When we activate the low power mode on iPhone. The Night Shift mode is disabled as it is not considered a special feature of iOS. Now, there is a very simple trick to reactivate it.

Get night shift mode on iPhone and iPad is really easy and simple. We don’t know if Apple has purposely allowed. but, at least we have some flexibility for those who consider as essential Night Shift.



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