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Psiphon Handler 108 Apk Download 2024

You wish to access the internet? It’s on the street and has no WiFi around and you don’t have mobile data plan? Here we come with quick fix for breaking the barriers of your life! with the use of a VPN app. The entire world connected together with help of the internet and the service providers around the world, Now we know some popular network providers AT&T, Smart, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Axis, XL Axiata, Turkcell, Globe, Airtel and a lot kinds of the Sim cards available. Psiphon Handler is a vpn that work on all kind of networks available in the world. Unlike the most vpn services that demands for a subscription, Psiphon app is completely free to use and it also offers unlimited bandwidth, there is no limitations to enjoy your freedom in the web.

Another exciting thing about this app is that you can get free internet (free mobile data) without paying a dime to the operator. We know you love that, who wouldn’t want free and unlimited internet! and of course when we get something for free in this world, it’s not easy to get. But, once you have found it, you can use limitless amount of mobile data for free. So if you are intending to get some free palms on your hand and save the money that you spending for internet, all you need to do is finding the right psiphon handler settings for your sim card, the handler settings varies from one network to others. Once you got connected to the vpn server you can start using your desired apps to browse the internet.

Psiphon Handler Apk Download
Download Psiphon handler Apk v108

psiphon handler apk latest version

More than 10 million people around the world are already using this tool to unblock websites and services that are blocked by the company, school or not available in your entire country. To access sites that your ISP is blocking or needs additional protection when using open Wi-Fi services, Psiphon is the best tool to access the open Internet safely. Aside from just providing VPN service, this app lets you surf the web even you are not subscribed any Promo/Data plans. Saving your valuable money from not going on mobile networks hands! You can download Psiphon handler apk from the download button you will see below.

Download Psiphon Handler Apk 2024

You can download the apk file of the Psiphon Handler from the download links found below.


Psiphon Handler Apk

Package name:Psiphon handler.apk
Size:5.17 MB
Operating system:Android (4.0 and up)


Mirror #1 | Mirror #2 | Mirror #3

Psiphon Handler Apk is a free vpn that can be used to unblock websites & bypass filters for free. The app designed to bypass the internet censorship suffered by millions of users in several countries around the world.  Psiphon VPN is a great vpn app to use where freedom of expression is restricted and can’t access freely to all Internet content.psiphon handler ui

When you open the app it automatically attempt to connect with proxy servers of the psiphon, you need to allow the permissions asked by the app. Which will be needed to unblock access through a VPN proxies to any website in the world wide web that you want to visit, without any hussle. That’s it, now you can freely browse the Internet anonymously. This version of psiphon handler 108 ui is developed by Dzebb and is available to use on android phones. If you want to use it on pc we recommend you to download Psiphon 3 for pc.

Once you are connected to psiphon’s secure VPN Proxies, You have two options to use the proxy connection. The app allow us to browse internet from their own built-in browser which you can add pages to favorites, set up custom homepage and in short, do everything that we could do with any normal browser. The aid of this browser, of course, can not compete with other apps but, still perfectly fulfills its business.

And the another option is the app can also create a VPN service on android, it allows you to access all installed apps and websites with the its proxy server.

Psiphon really a very powerful tool for bypass the internet censorship problems as we said earlier. Thanks to this app for giving us full freedom on browse the Internet and visit any website we want. psiphon handler 82 apk

psiphon handler apk

Psiphon handler Settings

Looking to get free mobile data on your sim card with psiphon handler? Here you go. When you are done with Psiphon Handler app download, install it right away on your Android phone, and open it. And configure it depends on the network you are using. Configurations may be differ from the one network to another.

  • As a first step on your phone Turn on Mobile data or connect to a WiFi network.
  • Download Psiphon Handler v108 apk  (link at end of post)
  • Install APK and open it.
  • If you are using Globe sim find your configuration here and setup the Psiphon as with the configurations we given.
  • For any other networks use one of the free Hosts that offered by your network provider below under “Proxy Server”.
  • Select “Start”
  • When you start the app click on “Tunnel Whole Device”
  • Click “I trust this application,” and select “OK”
  • The application will connect to the server
  • Now just enjoy the free and unlimited internet with high speed!
  • If the above method  does not work, you can find other methods on google.

Was this app useful to you? Will you download psiphon handler on your phone? among the many of the features offered by the app, for what purpose you going to use it? Do let us know in the comments section.



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