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Are you looking for the best free music downloader apps for android phones and tablets? you’ve come into the right place, Here you go.

If you are one of those who never give up until you get the song that blowing into your head. However, this task is quite easy but, Not all the mp3 downloading sites are providing free music you have bought the subscription or signup to download songs. You can take advantage of the tools that we share today. TechinDroid presenting the list of Top 7 best apps to download music in MP3 format on your Android smartphone.

Although there are many apps to listen to streaming music like spotify, not everyone can enjoy a subscription to one of these services. We all still able to listen to our favorite songs whether we have the internet or not.

Best Free Music Downloader Apps for Android [mp3]

WARNING: Downloading copyrighted music may violate the laws of your country.

1. 4Shared

4shared Music is one of the most popular apps for sharing and listening to music. Its one of the Best free music downloader app, And has several best features, you can listen to a streaming file or downloading that same song. In addition you can also create your own music playlist and download it completely, even upload your favorite songs that you have in the device and can’t find in your browser. Just look for the song by its name or the artist’s and give it one of the options. Its the height of simplicity and works perfectly.Best Free mp3 Music Downloader Apps for Android

All the music you see in this app is uploaded by users, So you will find almost everything. The most popular topics of the moment are the easiest to find, although if you are looking for something more Indie you may find it difficult to find it. It also has a desktop version for your computer. 4Shared music is best for download music to your smartphone.

Price: Free

2. My Mixtapez Music & Mixtapes

This is the best app for hip-hop music lovers. With more than 10 million users can’t be bad. You can find everything from people who start with their own self-productions as renowned gadgets. The best thing is that it gives you the possibility to discover a lot of best music around the world otherwise take years to know, thanks to its radio that releases songs like a machine gun.Best Free mp3 Music Downloader Apps for Android

You can mark your favorite songs and you can also download them with its free music downloader, once you have completed you can listen to them offline. You can also leave your comment in the songs so that other users can read your opinion.

In ‘Settings‘ you can increase the quality of the playback and the download since the default is in low quality. You can also share the songs you like on Instagram or Twitter. Sometimes a little heavy with advertising but you can make premium for $ 2.99 a month to remove adverts and unlock some other functions.

3. Audiomack

Audiomack follows the trail of My Mixtapez to offer the coolest hip hip songs. You can also find good innovations in electronics and reggae. This app has many ways to find new music and you will be able to download all the songs for free.

free music downloader for android

All the downloaded songs saved in MP3 format in the “/Android/data/com.audiomack/files/Audiomack” folder .

Apps to Download videos & Music from Youtube

By using these apps you have to be careful since these apps are violate the conditions of Youtube and other services. In addition sometimes the great demand for fraudulent apps is taken advantage of. So be very careful of where you download these apps. Here are some free youtube music downloader APKs:

All above mentioned apps are the most popular and best free music downloader apps 2017 so far. Do you use any other apps to download music from your smartphone? Which is your favorite?.


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