Last Update: May 2024

Best Navigation APPS for Android 2024

Google Maps is very helpful and has lots of navigation features for car, train, bicycle or pedestrian. But other mapping services offer more experience in the field and incorporate them at their navigation apps. The Best Navigation APPS for Android representatives with their features and prices, we show you here.

Best Android Apps of 2024

The open source app uses OpenStreetMap maps and since the summer of 2024 provides bicycle navigation on. She invites cards basically down for offline navigation. The level of detail of the cards is extremely high. Of course, your turn-by-turn navigated with loudspeaker announcement you can activate this feature in the settings.

Unlike other free navigation apps or Google Maps HERE Maps offers no congestion or speed camera warnings and at the gas stations, it also knows the current prices. it works amazingly fix and conserve resources.

TomTom GPS-Navigation Traffic

Beginning of 2016. TomTom retreaded for Android. The new version unifies the previous diversity and works globally. She is praised in many tests. Their features include congestion and speed camera warnings, navigation to the next gas station and offline maps for the whole world. The subscription costs $ 29.99 per year or 49.99 USD for three years. The first 75 km You can navigate free to discover the in the app.

TomTom GO Navigation
Price: Free

Skobbler GPS Navigation & Maps – Scout

Best navigation apps The GPS navigator Skobbler brings OpenStreetMap on your Android device and works completely without internet access. “Turn-by-turn” navigation with voice prompts and a global map are online always available. For offline use single cards (cities, countries, continents) can be downloaded. Unfortunately, only the first card for free. Cities, countries, continents or the world map you can unlock via in-app purchase for 0.99 to 10.98 euros.Furthermore promises the app card styles, fluent visual navigation in the maps and route display for cars and pedestrians.

best navigation apps for android phones
Navigation app Skobbler uses Anyone Card by OpenStreetMap. / © TechinDroid
  • Online maps and an entire country (City map) for offline use free included (expandable), all core features of the app available offline.
  • Full-fledged “Turn-by-turn” navigation with voice prompts, alternative routes, display of limitations, text-to-speech, now much more with a prime pedestrian navigation.
  • Dynamic traffic information to avoid jams and avoidance of construction sites, International INRIX Traffic (expandable) optimized route guidance and displays color-coded information on traffic conditions on the map.
  • Warning of speed cameras from the largest German Blitzer community (expandable)
  • Complete card functionality with absolute high-end map engine for smooth display and interaction, Foursquare search and TripAdvisor information on hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars,
  • Global interactive and extremely detailed OSM card with several free map updates per year (1.6 million Mapper make the OpenStreetMap is already one of the most detailed maps, which will also be further improved by the day.)
  • Full interactive map, free driving for guidance on every journey and for camera warnings, search modes, routes for car, bicycle, pedestrian, etc.
GPS Navigation & Maps - Scout
Price: To be announced


Nokia’s map service Here is also fully available without an Internet connection. The navigation app directs you in 40 countries and 900 cities safely. The navigation app gives you all offline maps for free. Also Here serves you with the Most important navigation features:

  • Voice-Guided turn-by-turn navigation all over the world
  • store cards and use offline
  • Real-time information on traffic conditions and disorders
  • Building plans for shopping centers and airports
  • Distance of public transportation services, directions and information
  • A route planner for car, public transport and on foot
  • Saved locations

GPS Navigation Sygic

The navigation app from Sygic relies on TomTom maps. The majority of cards is available for free. GPS Navigation Sygic offers premium features that you can unlock via in-app purchase. This includes the transport service and the speed camera warnings.Prices are flat rate and a life are long; thus Sygic is the long-term cost-effective alternative to TomTom.

Features of Sygic GPS Navigation:

  • Offline Maps
  • Voice-activated GPS navigation with full route guidance
  • Cities and landscapes in 3D format
  • Multi-leg routes and route editor with drag and drop
  • Speed Limit Display and acoustic warning
  • The head-up display (HUD) projected navigation information on the windshield
  • BlackBox – a Videoaufzeichnung per dashcam
  • Finding the cheapest gas station nearby or on the track

Navigation apps for Android: Conclusion

Try the above listed best navigation apps for android phone itself: provides detailed offline maps and navigation free. HERE Maps is also free, but comes from Microsoft, puts it strikes indoor navigation and congestion avoidance. Skobbler offers OpenStreetMap maps plus speed camera warnings – but only provides the first map now. Sygic does have all the features that a motorist of an app wants, but only after in-app purchase really helpful. TomTom provides you the service that you may already be waiting to expect from your old Navi but, requires money every year.


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