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Are you familiar with Battle royale games?, then probably you’ve never heard about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds before. This game (also called PUBG) is a multiplayer battle royale game created by a South Korean company. One of the first of its genre, it was soon followed by a mobile version, developed by Tencent Games.

The game uses microtransactions, as most games of its kind do – Unknown Cash, or UC for short, is the money PUBG Mobile uses to buy most of the game’s cosmetics, bonus items and Upgrade passes like Royale pass & Elite Royal Pass. So this UC is almost everything in the game, If you wanna know how to get UC in PUBG for free, keep reading! This article will get you covered as we already seen in How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC before.

PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash – PUBG UC

As we said before, you can use UCs to purchase in-game items. If you’re a constant PUBG or PUBG Mobile player, there are two things you surely want to have in large quantities: UC money (especially free UC) and lots of Battle Points, or BP. If you want to know how to earn or buy UC in PUBG Mobile, well, certainly it doesn’t differ from the desktop version – you can either buy the currency using real money or using codes. UC codes are sold for real money, too, but you could get lucky and get a gift from a friend! Battle Points can’t be purchased since they’re earned just for playing the game, or friend gifts. But what about how to earn or gift UC for free in PUBG Mobile?

How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile 2024

The price of UC is based on a ratio of 60 to 1. This means 1 USD is worth 60 UC. If you came here looking for a way to get free BP and UC in PUBG Mobile, you may be disappointed – currently, there is no legitimate way to earn UC for free without using hacks or exploits. An exploit was used once by South Korean players to earn 150 UC for free, but that isn’t working nowadays. However, there still are a couple of things you can do. Today in Techindroid we’ll show you some useful information about grab free UC and BPs in PUBG Mobile.

Method #1

Free Google Play Credits

Do you know about Google Opinion Rewards? This app, designed by Google, gives the user surveys that they must complete in exchange for money. It has been around since 2017 and it’s a great source of income, albeit it will be lower than your minimum wage. But it’s fitting for the purposes we have in mind now – buying UC.

It’s kind of simple: download the app and register. Once you’re signed in, complete surveys and tasks until you’ve earned enough money, and withdraw it choosing Google Play as the payment method. You could then buy UC directly or make the choice to upgrade your account, and then follow our method #1.

Get Free UC in PUBG mobile

This advice also applies to other sources of online income, and it’s a lot better than trying to get a PUBG Online free UC hack, so if you’re already doing money online, keep this in mind!

Method #2

Using Elite Royale Pass Rewards

Our third method could be very time-consuming, but it’s very effective. You need to spend 10 USD once, though.

You must Open PUBG Mobile and purchase 600 UC. This will give you 60 bonus UC as well. After that, you must purchase the Elite Royale Pass (worth 600 UC) and complete every weekly mission that comes out – if you do this throughout the season, you’ll get enough UC to buy another Elite Royale Pass and repeat the process. You will gain other things as well by doing this, like cards, new moves, and cosmetics.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

PUBG mobile free UC hackPUBG mobile free UC hack

As you can see in the picture, gaining RP will guarantee you UC (30 UC per every 5 RP). If you achieve to do all missions in 8 weeks, you’ll get your 600 UC back. Use them to buy another pass and repeat the process as long as you want!

Method #3

Upgrade your Account and Get Free UC for PUBG mobile

If you play without spending cash on the game, you’ll never be able to get UC in PUBG for free, even if you win in every battle. But, if you buy an Elite Pass or Royal Pass, your account will be in a different tier. Every time you complete seasonal missions (something that you can only do with a pass) you’ll win different types of prizes & Rewards. One of them is, of course, UC. If you’re looking at how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile and your Android or iOS smartphone isn’t rooted or modded, this could be the best way for you. Try to get a pass as a gift from a friend and enjoy your free UC!

Get Free UC in PUBG

How to Buy UC Cash With Your Credit Or Debit Card

If you have a credit card or debit card, you can easily purchase UC through the integrated online store you can find in PUBG Mobile. They offer different bonuses depending on the size of the purchase. As we said before, getting 600 UC will give you 60 bonus UC, and this is only one of the options.

How to Buy UC Cash

What if you don’t have a physical credit or debit card? If you don’t own a physical card, you can use virtual credit cards to buy your UC. If PUBG Mobile doesn’t accept your virtual card, try to pay using Google Play credits. Nowadays most of the virtual credit cards available in the market work well with Google Play.

You can get bonus UC if you own an Elite Pass or Elite Royale pass, which makes this item more valuable. Remember, the Elite Royale Pass is worth 600 UC. If you can’t benefit from bonuses, the only way to get UC by in-game purchases. You may get discounts sometimes.

PUBG Mobile UC & BP Generator Hacks 2024

  • Certain sites on the Internet are suggesting users visit sites such as ““, ““, ““a strange website that has no connection with the official PUBG Mobile site.
  • This site promises to give Free UC & BP for its users, saying it can Generate them for PUBG Mobile on Android, iOS and emulators.
  • But, how can this be possible? Sadly, it isn’t – it’s just a scam. It’s common to get attracted by the UI and easy-to-use interface of PUBG Mobile UC/BP generator sites, but this attraction will be short, as you’ll notice the truth in a short amount of time. None of them work.
  • Free UC Generators usually demand your Username and the device platform of your smartphone before trying to “send” the UC or BP. Entering your username and selecting the device platform will trigger another step. The generator will ask you how much UC or BP you want to load into your account “for free”. Then there’s the catch: as a final step to send the free UC or BP to your PUBG Mobile account, it will demand you to verify if you are a human using a survey. scamPUBG mobile Hack 2024

  • To be quite honest, the survey isn’t really necessary. Think about it: why should you use a survey to verify if your users are real? Google CAPTCHA exist for a reason, right? But a survey can be used to generate money for its creators, something that CAPTCHAS won’t do efficiently. Generators are fake tools, and the person who own that website will earn real money online by wasting your time on completing a survey.
  • It may be sad, but many newbie internet users fall into this scheme and even try to use the tool many times, thinking they’re doing something wrong. None of them get anything! So don’t be like them – be smarter, and don’t try to use hacks for free UC or BP on PUBG Mobile.

We’ve already talked about the FIFA 18 coins generator, PSN code Generators and Robux generator before. PUBG UC and BP Generators are the same kind of thing: just another scam. We’re not just talking about this “” site, we’re talking about all the generators that exist on the Internet. None of them work. Furthermore, the PUBG official site has officially stated that it will ban any user that gets caught trying to hack the game.

List of the PUBG UC Generator sites we know:

As far as we know right now, there is no other way to get free UC in PUBG, aside from those methods already mentioned here.

That’s it for now – remember to always be aware of scammers! Stop wondering “How can I get free BP and UC in PUBG Mobile?”, and remember that nothing is really entirely free, but you can always make the system work for you. Try to take advantage of it using the methods previously mentioned in this article, and if you know another way of getting extra UC and BP in PUBG Mobile, feel free to tell us about it in the comment section below! We’ll be happy to read feedback from you.



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