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Last update: May 2024

The rise of the battle royale genre was a quick movement that managed to revolutionize the field of popular multiplayer games. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of its genre, as well as one of the most successful battle royales right now. It has a pocket version: PUBG Mobile, available for iOS, Android, and mobile emulators. Like most games of its kind, PUBG and PUBG Mobile use micro-transactions for in-game purchases that allow the user to customize their character with cosmetic tweaks.

Thanks to this, PUBG Mobile Hack and Cheats are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Are you one of them who looking for PUBG mobile Hack Tool to Add infinite Battle Points & UC cash to your account? Having unlimited free Battle points & UC cash becoming a goal of every PUBG mobile players. Despite our strong stance on this subject (As we have already said before in the case of  FIFA 18 coins generator, PSN code Generator and Robux generator, we maintain that these PUBG hack sites are also such scam), we decided to review one of these sites and tell us our opinion about it. Today, we’ll talk about pubg 4all cool, a Free UC and BP generator for PUBG Mobile.

Is Site Legit? How it Works?

The most common questions are the easiest to answer. kind of sites aren’t legit, not even one of them. is just another one in a large list of scam sites that are made to waste your precious time… and make some money out of that.

The second question is trickier. As you enter the site, you’ll see a screen just like this one:

pubg 4all cool Free UC generatorPUBG Hack 2019

1.) As you see, the site features a simple interface. It’s just made for giving you Free UC for PUBG mobile and unlimited PUBG battle points 999999 for free, that’s it. Or at least, that’s how it looks like.

2.) First, you must enter your username and the device you use. After that, you need to select one server from their list. At the time we did the test, they had 4 servers, 2 in North America and 2 in Europe. They all had the same information: server status (they were all online), the speed of points delivery, and server download speed. We had the same results on all 4 servers.

3.) After this step, you can enter how much UC and BP do you want. You can choose to have 0 UC or BP, too.

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4.) The site will then connect to their server, ask for your player info, and add the points. Then it will try to check if you’re a human, followed by an unusual activity message and a verification test… in which you have to download a program in order to continue.

PUBG Mobile battle points generator

We tried this with 4 different accounts, in all kinds of devices this site came up with the same result “Human Verification”.

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Learn How To Recognize A Scam! PUBG Mobile UC / BP Generators never Work

The interface of the site surely helps with what they try to do. Simple visuals are made to attract casual users, that may fall for the trick thanks to this. The steps are easy to follow and don’t require the user to do anything complicated, or even suspicious.

But the true nature of the scam reveals itself after you finish all of those steps – remember, you should never be asked to complete a survey, or download a program, in order to achieve human verification. Captchas are a really secure way to keep bots out of any kind of sites and they are still the norm today. Why should this site try to prove you’re a human by using another method? That’s a big red flag.

We hope that now you know its impossible to Generate FREE UC & Battle Points for PUBG for PC or iOS or Android. Have you been a victim of a scam like this before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!



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