Last Update: February 2024

Have you ever played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds yet? This game, a masterpiece for many battle royale players, is a multiplayer online game developed in South Korea. Its mobile version, PUBG Mobile, is available for Android, iOS and mobile emulators. This game isn’t Free to Play, but it isn’t Pay to Win either – most of the game’s income is gained through in-game purchases that unlock cosmetic features for any player that may want them. You can’t pay for mechanical advantages, though! If you want to be the best player, you have to earn it through hard work instead of trying PUBG mobile hack online.

However, as custom skins and dances are always a symbol of prestige between players, sometimes people look at How to earn UC in PUBG. UC (short for Unknown Cash) is the game’s currency, available for purchase with real money. 1 USD is worth 60 UC. Some people even try to use PUBG hacks to earn free UC, and sometimes, BP (Battle Points). We entered one of those pages to see for ourselves how they work. Today we’ll show you the face of PUBG Hack 2024, a PUBG Mobile UC generator.

How Does PUBG mobile Online Generator Site Work?

Well, we’re sorry to break your bubble so early. These Pubg UC & BP generator sites don’t work. They’re scam sites, designed to make money out of innocent visitors and casual internet users. Even though they don’t work, it’s always good to know what’s behind sites like this, so we entered it anyway.

The site is extremely simple, and it’s composed of just one screen. This is what you will see upon entering it: | Pubg mobile UC hack and unlimited battle points generator 2024

It’s really straightforward, as you can see. There’s also a “Chat room” full with people claiming the scam to be a success.

 If you take a closer look and spend a little time reading the messages, you’ll shortly notice that every message in the chat box is sent by a bot. Every message repeats itself after a while, there’s little to no variation in usernames, and they all seem to be satisfied with the site. Seems too good to be true.

PUBG Mobile UC generator

 If you want to proceed, enter your PUBG username, the platform you use and the amount of UC and BP you want the PUBG Battle points generator to send to your account. The site will then make a request to a server, send some data and, after a while, receive an error message. You will then be requested to download 2 foreign apps and take a survey.

Why Is This Suspicious? Be Aware Of Scam sites like

The simple interface and method are really good bait here. Anyone could follow the steps to generate UC and/or BP, so a lot of people may try it, for what it’s worth. But you should know how to differentiate a scam from something legit, and the true nature of the site reveals itself as soon as the error message appears on your screen.

If you’re not recognized as human, a CAPTCHA should be enough, and we all have done CAPTCHA before. Why, then, are we asked to download applications and do a survey?

Remember – a legit site will never ask you to do such things in order to prove you’re a human. As we seen before in the case of other games generators such as PSN code GeneratorFIFA 18 coins generator and Robux generator. Sites like , are having the same trap for every internet users visiting their website.

As far we know It is impossible to Hack the Battle points and UC cash on PUBG mobile. Have you been a victim of another type of scam before? Tell us about it in the comment section.



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