How to Download music from Spotify

Last Update: March 2024

If you’re using Spotify but, Do you still like streaming? “just fine” because, for example, you don’t have a good internet connection it won’t load / play smoothly and in the end you need to end up hearing songs, surely you wonder if you can’t download them and probably have this question on your mind “Can you download music/songs from spotify?Good news! It can be done, you can download spotify songs in a few way using the spotify song downloader apps. The process is a bit long and confusing at first but, once you do it a few times, it won’t be hard anymore. You want to learn how to download songs from spotify? You’re in the right place! Here at TechinDroid we will tell you how to download from spotify.

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How to Download music from Spotify 2024

Methods available for download spotify songs to Android, iphone and computer for free:

1.) Downloading spotify songs to Mac, windows and linux

In order to download music from Spotify, you can choose different programs or tricks that will help you to keep listen spotify offline without needing to pay for them. One of the options available is Spotydl, a program that you need to install on your computer to download free songs from Spotify directly to your PC, this program is available for Windows, Mac and linux.

spotify song downloader

All you have to do is own a Spotify account (of course) and then download this program to download the files you want. I hope this will help you download Spotify music to computer.

Note: However, in TechinDroid we want to warn you that, thanks to being a “pirate” tool, as in tool to download music without paying anything, this app is very likely to be disabled or prohibited, so if you can’t download it now, it may be because it has been shut down.

2.) Download music from Spotify online

However, there is another more rudimentary method to download music from Spotify without having to pay absolutely nothing. It is done by using the Online Voice Recorder, a program recorder of high-quality sounds with which you can record your favorite songs and, well, they will remain stored on your mobile device or your PC.

Download music from Spotify

To use this from your device only you should access this link to that will help us to acquire the songs you want. You don’t need to download or install any software it’s not really necessary: you can use the program online and make a perfect “record”. To do this, we will go to Spotify, select the song that you want to download and you’ll have to click on the option to record to have the song stored on your PC. When the recording is finished, you need to click on the Stop or the Pause button in order to record the song from start to finish without having anything else on the audio file.

3.) Spotify music downloader

Another method to download songs from Spotify is Spotify Playlist Downloader, a program that lets you download all types of music from this application. We must clarify that these types of applications tend to appear and disappear quickly because they are illegal, so you should make the most of their existence and download all the songs you want.

Spotify music downloader

This program is compatible with Windows and can be downloaded here. It has a very simple interface, it only asks us for our Spotify data session and the link of the songs we want to get on MP3.

4.) Spotify Premium Apk (Android)

Did you ever heard about the popular android app that allow us to use all the premium features of the spotify app without a premium subscription? If you want take a free ride on spotify premium then you shouldn’t miss this Spotify premium app, download now and enjoy listening Ad free, unlimited skips, offline, extreme quality audio for free.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

Now that you know how to download music from Spotify, you might be interested in this other article on How to download music from Soundcloud. To read more articles like Download music from Spotify, we recommend you enter our category Internet.


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  2. Thank you, Gabriel for this wonderful tips about downloading Spotify music. Now I can refresh my mind during the work by listening music. Thank you for this informative article.


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