If you have downloaded Game of Thrones torrent, you might receive a notice from HBO.

Game of Thrones new season has not only collapsed HBO servers, but it has also flooded headlines for days and became the spotlight of many people’s week. As it usually is, the hype that this series creates is too big to handle, which makes many non-HBO subscribers illegally download this new season’s episodes.

And for what it seems, this season has broken records for illegal downloads, which has forced HBO to take action. One of them has been personally warning the people that have made use of torrents to download or share a chapter of the series.

Real Reason behind the Game of Thrones torrent Warning!

Personal Notice with our IP

This action has been taken jointly with IP Echelon, a company that is dedicated to protecting intellectual property. If you’re one of those affected, you may have received a notice with your IP as the following:

We have information that leads us to believe that the xx.xxx.xxx.xx IP address has been used to download or share unauthorized Game of Thrones episodes.

In most countries, the law does not allow an IP address as solid proof to judge someone in court.

Game of Thrones torrent

There are already precedents to prove it. This is because an IP is not directly associated with a person, but a computer which can be used by multiple people, for example, at work.

So, we know that these warnings were made only to scare people. In addition, the ISP could not know what the identity behind an IP. The thing is, therefore, a mere anecdotal notice. Operators are not required to redirect us the information because these are in the first instance who receive the notice.

It is not the first time that notices like this have been carried out. Not even the first time that HBO has done it. And now, even it has any real complaint, but it’s just simple notices, as we say, to scare, and are as harmless as the act of downloading the episode itself.

Share this post to any friend that may have received this email to calm them down and to tell them it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a harmless notice, that’s all.


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