pCloud Now Comes Up With Lifetime plans, Public Folder, Rewind, Extended File History Feature

The Internet has transformed the way we use to think back in the days. Every company to small business are making sure that they are visible online and when you compare the current stats with a decade ago stats, then things will be crystal clear.

Since everyone is online nowadays, business has used the latest technology to connect, send, and receive information via cloud storage services. However, not many of the functions can satisfy your needs due to lack of improvements in services.

You can find thousands of cloud storage companies that ensure 100% customer satisfaction, but that is only a dream. However, many brands are offering innovative features at an affordable price.

pCloud Review: Free cloud storage with more features

pCloud free cloud storage is offering numerous useful, innovative solution that can change you’re perceptive about the cloud service and enhances the brand value among the customers. Here are some of the following creative features of pCloud.

1. Public Folder

If you are a blogger or a small company, then you no need of explanation on how useful a public folder can become. You can download various files in the pCloud and make a public folder which allows your employees, colleagues, and audience to download the files added to the public folder.

Public Folder

Public folder feature is something information company and bloggers are going to need desperately.

2. pCloud Lifetime Plan

pCloud is currently offering one-time payment option, which is a sparkling offer to many of the small and big business. You have a dedicated two Terabyte cloud storage life, and you can access all present and future updates with the one-time payment option.

pCloud Lifetime Plan

How does this help you?

1. First try the free version, and you will have access to most of the features, which will give you first-hand experience. It should be enough for you judge the services and make up your mind.

2. Since the account is free, you can try all modern features and check the reliability and response time.

3. Download and use the Windows or Mac version program for an enhanced experience.

4. After a specific period use, you will have your answer to the lifetime package worth.

3. pCloud rewind

pCloud has added a feature called “Rewind,” which will take you back to the old files in an instant. We are always in a hurry and rushing to complete a project and many times we delete or remove files mistakenly and knowingly, but by the time we realize its importance in the next project, it’s too late.

pCloud rewind

The Rewind feature allows you to recover deleted files and deleted files will be saved for six months of the deletion period.

4. pCloud Save

pCloud is listening to the frustrated people, and we consider this as an essential feature for many online, offline business, and Internet user who visits many pages a day.
First, download the pCloud Chrome or Firefox extension from the stores, then log in using authentic credentials.

1. You can save webpages instantly.

2. Save multiple images.

3. Save text content – you can mark any text from any webpage, then keep it as “. Doc or. Txt” file.

You can download multiple media files and save them directly to the pCloud storage but do not worry about the confusion or order messed up folder because you will get filter options, which will separate the files to make it easy for you.

Just take a couple of minutes and think of the possibilities and how it will make your online experience better. If you are researching for your next project or preparing a new project file for your client, It will be a piece of cake.

5. Extended File History

It’s an additional option related to the “Rewind” feature. As we have mentioned above that, the deleted files will only last for six months of the period, but you can now increase the duration of the EFH to one year. Which means you can recover any deleted file within 365 days. However, you have to purchase this additional add-on.

Note: Extended file history feature doesn’t come for free because pCloud has to set up additional storage to the two Terabyte storage, which does cost them a lot of capital.

6. Set Passwords And Expiration Dates To Download Links

If you want to securely share a file that can be only seen or downloaded by a person for a particular date then this feature will help you to do this by setting a password for any of the uploaded files in addition to the expiry date set.


At an affordable price, you can get yourself a two-terabyte reliable cloud storage for your small business or individual. Shoot your sparkling opinions and experience in the comment section below.


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