Best Free VPN Services 2017

Best Free VPN Services 2017

When it comes to internet privacy VPN is ideal solution, most of the VPN services are requiring subscription to use them. Today in TechinDroid...

Logitech Gaming Software Download

Download LOGITECH Gaming Software for Windows 10 Logitech is one of the leading Computer and laptop accessories manufacturers. The company has been steadily gaining followers in...
ecommerce purchase

In India, 43% purchases ends through Apps over Desktop Browsers

Global technology company marketing results, just published its new edition of the report "State of Mobile Commerce", where behavior and buying trends through mobile...
How to See a PC Game's FPS (Frames Per Second) using FPS counter

How to See a PC Game’s FPS (Frames Per Second)

Do you want check your pc's Gaming performance or want test the FPS of the game, Then this guide will help you. Here we...

How to Recover files After a Hard drive failure?

Losing data is a computer threat that haunts almost every computer user all the time. The physical hard drive clashes can occur due to...
How to reduce Facebook Data usage

How to reduce Facebook Data usage on Android

Here is the DIY guide to reduce facebook data usage on  Android / iPhone 2017. If you are the one who use the facebook app...
Best video calling app for android 2016

Best Video Calling Apps for Android

Update: September 2017 Best free Video Calling Apps for Android 2017 September edition Top 10 Apps: It never hurts to save some money, so in...

10 Best Apps To Hide Photos / Videos On Android

If you’re concerned about your photos and videos privacy, you better opt for apps to hide photos on Android. Read and know more...

BonkLive The Best Streaming Service for Broadcasters & Advertisers

The social media has become one of the most relevant platforms to reach a number of people around the globe without any hassle. It... VPN

A VPN with Highly Optimized Apps for Every Platform –

The VPN industry is overcrowded with unknown brands that just cannot be trusted. The best way to judge the VPN service is by reading...

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