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Internet Download Manager Android IDM

Download IDM apk for android: What you are regular users downloading files using (IDM) Internet Download Manager for Android ? If so, perhaps you are ever looking IDM For Android, right? Well, this time TechinDroid will provide alternative IDM for Android for you .

Using the Internet Download Manager for Android when downloading files on the smartphone definitely fun. Because using IDM, downloads and manage downloaded more easily .

 Best IDM For Android 

Many applications download manager available on Android. Even Google is aware of the importance of download manager , provides the application download manager itself. Unfortunately, Google’s default application only serves as manager of the downloaded file only.

Is Advanced Download Manager (ADM) that you can use as an alternative to IDM in Android. Then, what is offered by IDM For Android?

Views Friendly
ADM, Alternative IDM for Android

As an alternative to Internet Download Manager for Android, ADM has the look of a comfortable and friendly, making it easy to use. Despite carrying a lot of features, but it does not necessarily make ADM has a view that interfere with the user’s view.

For the initial view, ADM provides two tabs that can be used to monitor files being and have already been downloaded. As for opening the other features, you can access it with a swipe from the left of the screen.

Complete Features

As an alternative IDM For Android, ADM is equipped with comprehensive features. Not merely to download and manage downloaded files, but there are many other features that are embedded.

  • Manage by file type . As in the IDM, the ADM you can access files that you download based on the type of file that you downloaded. No longer will be mixed between video files, songs or pictures you download. You will have no trouble finding files you download has finished.ADM alternative IDM in Android_2
  • Sorting the downloaded file . If you have been accustomed to using IDM, you can easily sort the files that you downloaded. Really IDM alternatives for Android, right?screenshot-521
  • Filtering the download process . ADM to see you can be changed by using the filter feature provided. When you change the display filter into a single list , automatically display your home ADM will change, go into two tabs, but in one list. These filters you can use to monitor where the files are still in the process of downloading, already finished downloading, until a failed download.
    ADM, Alternative IDM in Android_4
  • Set the download process . As with IDM in the PC, with IDM for Android you can set a lot of things would you use during the download process. Of the number of files that can be downloaded simultaneously, download speed, storage location of the downloaded until the feature Auto-resume for a file server that supports resume .
    ADM, Alternative IDM in Android_5
  • Various additional tools . During the download process, you can take advantage of tools for easy download process and manage it. As only download when using Wi-Fi, download plans, and more.
    ADM, Alternative IDM in Android_6
  • The built-in browser . If normally you come across a variety of browsers that provide a download manager , ADM is the opposite. ADM provides a browser in the download manager . So, if you’re going to download a file from a website, the good directly in the browser open the flyer on ADM, because you are so easy to manage. If the PC you’ll need to add custom extensions on Google Chrome so that when downloading directly added to the IDM, then the browser in ADM can directly download only if using in-built browser,
    ADM, Alternative IDM in Android_7

How to use IDM for android

There is no special skills to use ADM, because the zoom is easy to understand. But, as a picture when you download using ADM, TechinDroid will provide a way to download files at ADM.

  • As in the IDM, if you have a link that can be direct
    ly downloaded in a single click, you can simply add it by using the button Add . Internet Download Manager for Android
  • If you do not have a link directly, you can use the browser to open its download page, so that the download can be managed directly via ADM.

    Internet Download Manager for Android
    Internet Download Manager for Android © TechinDroid
  • If you’ve found the link to download it, then when clicked you will be redirected to the editor to edit the data carried by the file. You can rename and organize file storage location.ADM, Alternative IDM in Android_9
  • If you’re ready, you can directly download the file or add other files. And you can download it by choosing Start All .ADM, Alternative IDM in Android_10

How easy is it? And also features offered by ADM are complete. So, you can enjoy the experience of using Internet Download manager on Android apk though at you. So, no one would call it if ADM as an alternative to the IDM for Android. Do you have an alternative IDM for Android else? Leave a comment.



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