Last Update: March 2023

The number of Operating System is available on the market are less but the number of Virtual Private Network, in short VPN are many, which is making many users scratch their as you are not unable to make a decision on which is the best choice for your Internet security.

We are going to help you decide one ideal VPN that can secure your network and keep the privacy invaders out of the home network, does this sound convincing to you? Then let’s begin.

Top 3 VPNs for Linux 2023

We are going to list some of the popular and trustworthy VPN programs, which are known for quality and trust.

1. Windscribe VPN (Free 10GB per month)

Windscribe VPN is a popular program, which is standing tall in the market because of the Trust and Quality it delivers.

3 Best VPNs for Linux

• There are many corporations, who are always tracking your web activity to sell it to the media and marketing companies and generate a lot of money, which also includes your loss as well.

• The Windscribe does not store or save your web activity in the browser or anywhere else. When you turn off your PC or exit the browser, the logs will be wiped from the database, which cannot be restored.

• The IP of Windscribe creates a firewall that helps you access any site from anywhere, even from the public WIFI, where most hackers get inside of your Linux OS to steal information.

• You can install the Windscribe Browser, which keeps your information to yourself.

• Setting up the program is incredibly simple and straightforward, and you can go for the Live Support as well.

2. Express VPN (No Free Trials)

I wouldn’t say that the Express VPN is the best in the market, but it can be used as an alternative to the Windscribe VPN. However, it does have few selling points that worth your money.

Best VPNs for Linux

  • You get to access 194 servers in 94 countries, which is a large server, which will help you access any website blocked in your country. The servers have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited servers list, which will keep your surfing non-stop.
  • Express VPN download is decent. The speed won’t go above your ISP plans, but it won’t go down your package speed.
  • Secures your Home network even when you are accessing an unknown system. The IP masking helps you cover up your location and keep the privacy invaders away.
  • The firewall does not stop you from accessing any site that is blocked in your country.
  • You can even access sites like Youtube Red, Youtube Go, Netflix and grab onto the discount offer (Available only for the USA citizens) using the express VPN.

3. Mullvad (No Free Trials)

Mullvad doesn’t promise those things, which isn’t possible for many big-time players. One of the best things about the service is that they let you pay using Bitcoin, which happens to be the most anonymous way to pay your bills. You can keep your details even more confidential by paying using Bitcoin.

VPN for Linux

  • Mullvad allows you to access blocked sites and doesn’t restrict you from accessing worldwide blocked sites as well. Which means you have full control over the VPN.
  • The Mullvad does not save your history and erases the log when you are done using the VPN, which is the secure way to keep your privacy to the top.
  • Your IP will be masked using the Mullvad VPN IP, which will add a firewall that never lets the advertising trackers, Search engine bots, and even website trackers away from your actual location.
  • When you have connected to the public network, you have nothing to fear because it will keep the hackers and privacy invaders away.

The Pricing

The pricing would be an interesting factor because every service has a different pricing as one of the services come with better customer support and email support.
Windscribe is the worth every penny as the cost plus services provided by the Windscribe is better than ExpressVPN and Mullvad.


Check out the plans of three VPN’s and try the free or trial version of Windscribe, ExpressVPN, and Mullvad. Shoot your opinions, experience, and ideas in the comment section below.


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