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Best safest secure VPNs for Android in 2024

you looking for What are the Best and safest VPN for Android? You want to get more security and privacy in your connection with your smartphone or tablet? Do not miss our collection of the Top 5 best safest secure VPNs for Android in 2024 .

Everyone has the right to enjoy more secure connection without security flaws and away from the eyes of others by using VPN on Android. Our information can be very greedy for certain eyes, and it never hurts to making sure that our data will never reach the wrong hands, something that becomes even more important if we talk about enterprise environments.

One of the best options to keep us safe is a VPN: figure our connection anywhere, and prevent us from being tracked or located. Whether you want to remain anonymous on the internet as if you want to protect your information, a VPN is a good solution, and there are many safe and friendly VPNs available for Android . In TorrentFreak mention many of them, and today we discussed the options are more secure your Android.

What is Safest VPN?

VPNs are an ideal solution for those who need to protect their information or their identity from ISP , and we have verified that the VPN can be carried very well with our Android

Private Internet Access

PIA is one of the safest VPN for Android. It doesn’t keep any record of us, do not monitor or block any traffic, can not identify any of its users from traffic, have many options and encryption many also accept both classic and anonymous payment methods.Private Internet Access

Speaking of the Android application, it stands out for its simplicity and for making us much easier things : we’ll just identify with our user account, and will be connected to one of the company servers. The application is free, but be aware that subscribing to the service requires to function (we can buy with In-App purchase).


IPVanish is the Best safest VPN for android. It doesn’t keep any record, do not monitor connections, do not block any traffic, trust your encryption OpenVPN (discussed below) and our payments are not connected to our own service, so they can not identify with that.IPVanish -Best safest VPN for android

The Android app is also the most complete : lets you select the server (more than 110 servers in 47 countries) based on the ping we have, it shows the amount of data you’ve consumed, and has support 24 hours day to solve our problems. However, be aware that need a premium account to work.


TorGuard not keep records of their users, maintains payments outside the US , prevents misuse in real time instead of using records, and have good security on connections that even makes we pass unnoticed to the most abusive filters.

Of course, we can only use things like BitTorrent (intensive connection) on certain servers. The Android app also has a premium subscription to the service, but we can access more than 200 servers quickly and easily. The application is free and can be found in Google Play.


OpenVPN is a safest free VPN for android. It’s a connectivity solution based on free software that offers point to point connections. He has been with us since 2002, and many users rely on this protocol connections.

safest vpn for android
Open vpn – safest vpn for android

The grace of the matter is that many services rely on VPN. OpenVPN turned as a application for Android. You can use it for connect to any VPN server using OpenVPN.

If you do you use a VPN and are not willing to change service, consult with your VPN if used OpenVPN and ask them to share with you your instructions to make it work, or if you have an Android application failing.

OpenVPN for Android
Price: Free

I hope Now you know what are the best safest VPN for Android 2024 March and what we missed?  If you know any other best vpns Comment below.  This article will be updated!


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