Super NES Classic Mini

Since September 29, 2020, the Super NES Classic Mini is wreaking havoc in the US market. The rehash of Nintendo’s sophomore console is selling like hotcakes and is surpassing the sales figures of its competitors, like the Switch, the PlayStation 4 of Sony or the Microsoft’s Xbox One. Following this resounding success, the Super NES Classic Mini is even out of stock all over the world!

Retrogaming is stronger than ever, and sales figures of the Super NES Classic Mini proves it. It’s been the number one console in the US market since its release on September 29, 2020, it’s selling better than its predecessor, the NES Classic Mini, which was released late 2020. This is not a surprise, because by the end of August this year, pre-orders for the Super NES Classic Mini were already a huge success.

Super NES Classic Mini: number one in sales, the console explodes the competition!

According to a report unveiled by the analyst firm NPD, the Nintendo console is, therefore, the number one sales. In the United States, the available stock of the Super NES Classic Mini has expired in no time. Faced with this tidal wave, the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One did not make the cut. Note also that the Switch has also sold better than the other two consoles on the list!

Now sold out worldwide, the console is still available on second-hand sites, but as you can imagine, the prices are off the charts. Originally sold at a price of $ 79.99, the Super NES Classic Mini sees its price soar on auction sites like eBay. Its current average price: 120 $. Some dealers do not hesitate to cross the $170. The next supply is not expected until 2020, according to Nintendo of America, Inc.’s CEO, Reggie Fils-Aime. If you have not yet cracked for the console and you want to offer it for Christmas, you will have to put the price. If you’re tight in budget and can’t go for premium version of Nintendo then perhaps you should grab free Nintendo switch eshop codes from gift card offering sites.

In terms of overall value (games purchases, accessories included), the Nintendo console is still lagging behind the PlayStation 4.

This raises some questions: and if Nintendo had prepared more stock, would the company have managed to achieve even better sales? Will the Super NES Classic Mini meet a second success when it is replenished in 2020? Will Nintendo manage the supply/demand relationship in better ways in the future? Leave your comments in the box below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!


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