It’s that time of the year, you can almost smell it: Black Friday’s. Dealers give strong discounts on their products and it’s generally something crazy. Today in TechinDroid We will tell you when is Black Friday 2017 in the US, UK, and Germany.

What day is black friday 2017

This table clearly shows the black friday date of 2017  UK, US, Canada and Germany.

United States of AmericaFriday, November 24
United KingdomFriday, 24 November
GermanyFriday, 24 November
CanadaFriday, 24 November

Traditionally, Black Friday always takes place one day after Thanksgiving, one of America’s most anticipated holidays. In 2017 the Black Friday falls therefore on the 24th of October.

With Black Friday in the USA the Christmas business is ushered. For this purpose, the shops lure potential customers with a lot of bargains for one day.

Black Friday

In Germany, a company that’s especially well-known for their Black Friday is Amazon. The discount hunting opens Amazon on 20 October with the Cyber Monday.

But, also many other local shops and online portals join the hype around the Black Friday and offer their products cheaper before, but 24th of October 2017 marks the highlight of the bargain hunt.

By the way: the name Black Friday has some very interesting stuffs. The most plausible one is that traders come out of the red on the day and have black hands of the money at the end of the sales marathon. It is no wonder, as companies are receiving billions of dollars during this time.


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