This article contains the List of New movies on Netflix | List of New Series arriving on Netflix this month | Netflix new releases for October 2018.

What better plan for a fall night than enjoying a good movie or series on the comfortable sofa in your home? Netflix has become almost life for many. And is that the entertainment platform does not stop winning followers every month. Today, we provide you the list Whats new on Netflix in October 2018 and Be comfortable look through the titles we have listed, hope you will find something interesting today.

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In Netflix there is so much content that sometimes it is a bit crazy to find what you are looking for or, rather, you do not even know what to look for because you are not very clear about Whats new on Netflix in October 2018? or what can be the best new movies or Series on netflix?. Just check out our upcoming Netflix releases list because this October comes loaded with many new releases.

Best New Netflix Series (October 2018)

Netflix is ​​the house of the ultimate series. If there is anything that has made the platform popular, it is this genre and the series addicts have found their home. This month of October many titles come to Netflix. Ready to get hooked with Netflix’s new movies and TV series?

The curse of Hill House, terror in its purest state – October 5

Based on the novel by Shirley Jackson, this horror series delves into the life of a family with a dark secret. Through flashbacks, The Hill House Curse leads us to know the terrible experiences they experienced in their old home. If you like suspense, do not miss it.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the teenage witch returns – October 5

Do you remember Sabrina, the teenage witch? The popular success series of the 90s, in which a young woman with powers made his own with his aunts Hilda and Selma with whom he shared a house, is revisited. Forget the kind tone of the original production, now Sabrina faces much worse evils. ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’ comes from the hand of the producers of the famous ‘Riverdale’, which give it a much darker touch. Check it yourself by watching the trailer.

Wanderlust, – October 19

The prestigious BBC co-produces this comedy in which Toni Collette (‘Hereditary’, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, ‘The sixth sense’) becomes a therapist. So far everything normal until she decides to put her own medicine into practice and proposes to her husband to open the relationship and start having sex with other people. The result is an adult series, something bittersweet but promises true hilarious moments. I have to tell you that I look forward to this series with much desire …

More series arriving at Netflix US in October

  • Angel Eyes : October 1
  • Anger Management : October 1
  • Billy Madison : October 2
  • Black Dynamite : October 3, season 5
  • Big Mouth : October 5, season 2
  • Little Things : October 5, season 1
  • The Rise of Phoenixes : October 5
  • Blood Pact : October 10
  • Better Call Saul : October 11, season 3
  • The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell : October 12
  • Daredevil : October 12, season 3
  • Dynasty : October 13, season 2
  • Modern Family : October 14, season 9
  • Jane the Virgin : October 14, season 4
  • A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities : October 14
  • Doctor Who : October 15, season 10
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments : October 15
  • Black Lighting : October 16, season 2
  • On the edge of reality : October 19
  • Hip-Hop Evolution : October 19, season 2
  • The Walking Dead : October 24, season 8
  • Bodyguard : October 24
  • Suits : October 25, season 8
  • Castlevania : October 26, season 2
  • Girl from nowhere : October 27
  • Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj : October 28

Netflix Upcoming Movies for October 2018

Not only of series lives Netflix. Great movie classics and premiere films flood the list of options to enjoy. This month many more titles arrive to swell the ranks and I have to tell you that there are great names in there.

The apostle, beware of sects – October 12

London, early twentieth century. A man discovers that his sister has been kidnapped by a dark religious sect and decides to venture to rescue her. To do this he has to travel to a remote island and pull it out of the clutches of the leader of the sect. Miedito, huh? Undoubtedly one of the darkest titles of Netflix.

More movies that come to Netflix United States in October

  • The best of me : October 1
  • A Witches’ Ball : October 1
  • The bar: October 1
  • Drunken Monkey in the Tiger’s Eyes : October 1
  • The Dead Pool : October 1
  • Once Upon a Time in America : October 1
  • Pay It Forward  : October 1
  • The Avengers : October 3
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier : October 3
  • Guardians of the Galaxy : October 3
  • Operation Finale : October 3
  • YG Future Strategy Office : October 5
  • Empire Games : October 5
  • Private Life : October 5
  • Super Monsters Save Halloween  : October 5
  • Super Monsters: Season 2 : October 5
  • The Rise of Phoenixes : October 5
  • Little Things: Season 1 : October 6
  • Fifty shades darker : October 7
  • Manchester by the sea : October 7
  • Thor: The dark world : October 12
  • Dangerous minds : October 17
  • Beauty and the Beast (2017) : October 17
  • Illang: The Wolf Brigade : October 19
  • Derren Brown: Sacrifice : October 19
  • The Night Comes for Us : October 19
  • The Great Wall : October 21
  • Batman ninja : October 24
  • Passengers : October 26
  • Boss : October 26
  • Been So Long : October 26
  • Indignation : October 26
  • Ghost in the Shell: The soul of the machine : October 26
  • The shadow of the law : October 31

Netflix Upcoming Documentaries October 2018

Another of Netflix’s star genres are the documentaries. There are of all types and for all tastes. Without a doubt, a good way to enjoy a good time.

Remastered, the life of your favorite musicians – October 12

You know their music but, not their stories. Under this premise comes this new Netflix series that every month will focus on the most personal life of one of the greatest names in the history of music. First? The great Bob Marley.

More documentaries arriving at Netflix US in October

  • The Mask You Line In : October 1
  • Dancing Queen : October 5
  • Salt, fat, acid, heat : October 11
  • Portraits of feminism : October 12
  • Fightworld : October 12
  • Making a Murderer (part two) : October 19
  • Miss Showcase : October 19
  • Shirkers : October 26
  • Terrorism Close Calls : October 26

And this is the end of our New shows/Movies on Netflix October 2018 list. To know more about new releases on Netflix, Do bookmark this page and visit here each month and get updated with news about new on Netflix 2018. Do you use Netflix? Are you addicted to any of the series? Do let us know in the comments section.


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