In addition to its gigantic and active community, one of the most striking aspects of Reddit is its characteristic design. Some people might consider it minimalist and others somewhat outdated. Now, after a decade in operation, Reddit showed the platform’s new design.

Through this publication in the announcements subreddit, Reddit’s design team presented the three ways in which we can see the website. Doing this, they offer three different designs to enjoy the content, something that we can already do in the main third-party clients.

Card view

“Card view”, as its name suggests, places each Reddit publication on an individual card. We can see part of the information in the post without having to click on anything. This design is reminiscent of Twitter and Facebook.

Classic view

The “compact” view (the one that appears in the highlighted image of this article) is designed to move between publications quickly and the “classic” option is the closest to the Reddit we already know. The first two are much more colorful than the latter.

Many of the Reddit users don’t like the new site theme. As I’m also one of the people that didn’t like Reddit’s new website theme, I’ll show you how I switched to the old Reddit theme. Without giving you further ado Lets see how to get old reddit layout.

Here’s How to Switch Back to Old Reddit theme

Do You Hate the New Reddit Theme? Here is How to Switch to old Reddit! There are several methods available for get BACK TO OLD REDDIT theme and switch to new one in the future if you wish.

Method #1

Steps to follow for go back to the old Reddit layout:

1.) At first Open, At very top of the page you will found the small notice says “You’re viewing the New Reddit. You can always visit Old Reddit

2.) There click on “visit Old Reddit“, this will get back you to old reddit site.

reddit old style

If you do not see any message on top, Then you can’t go back to old reddit with this method. So just skip this method and try our second method.

Method #2

To go back to old Reddit UI design:

  • First, just visit this page on your browser: or just type: on your browser’s URL / search section and hit go. This will lead you to the Reddit website with the looks and features of the old theme. Now you can view and use the site in the old style.

old reddit themeOld reddit layout

If you want to switch to the new theme in the future, just enter in the address bar. Simple! We hope this guide help you Get Back to Old Reddit theme with a single step.


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