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On web there are countless web sites exists, you may have this question on your mind what are helpful sites for me? In TechinDroid we list out the Top 10 incredibly most useful Web sites you should add to your bookmarks right now!

In that awkward moment during which you can think of the crazy idea that there is nothing to do on the Internet and you sit in front of your tired-of-the-same computer, thinking about starting to use the balcony, better wait and not do it. If Internet lacks something, it is off limits, as the same imagination of humans. The network offers everything, and if you do not know something, someone presents you. Because the Internet is more than cats and pornography, in Bitelia, today we recommend list of most useful websites that should go straight to your bookmarks.

The Internet is as vast and infinite as the universe, if something is not on the Internet is because it does not exist or is under construction. For some of us, life outside the network is remembered as the distant past, as far as the time when there was no television and the families had 16 children.

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The Internet can become a gigantic sea of knowledge but a centimeter deep. Since anyone can add your own trash, the network is heavily contaminated, but that does not mean that the web does not have many truly useful sites, sites full of information, or tools that we can make life easier, especially for those of us who spend the highest percentage of our day in front of a screen, and we carpal tunnel syndrome thanks to the mouse.

Although this is just a microscopic sample of what we have available, we decided to share with you this little list of 10 best useful websites to keep in your bookmarks.

Top 10 Most Useful Websites ever 2023

Here we begin our selection useful websites list with Duck duck go ‘A search engine that doesn’t track you’.

1. Duck Duck Go

Most Useful Websites ever

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Duck Duck Go is a search engine that allows us to surf the web anonymously. Every time it becomes more and more a real alternative to Google search. The latter takes enfolding years in a bubble in which the results fit our tastes and customs, thanks to the fact that Google keeps track of each and every one of our movements on the internet, the search engine offers different results based on what you know about us (which it tends to be more than we know our mother).

Duck Duck Go gives you an option in which no one keeps track of what you want, nobody encapsulated in a bubble of results adjusted to your supposed personality, no one keeps your data to sell advertising. This search engine in the future may be a real threat to Google and its ever-increasing attitude of “we do not care if the user thinks that we are the only alternative they have.”

2. Reddit


Reddit is one of the most helpful websites on the internet. Reddit proclaimed itself as the front page of the Internet many years ago and although it may sound ostentatious, that title is not too far from successful. The Reddit user community is one of the largest in the network, and is so used by all kinds of people, information and news appear first on Reddit than anywhere else.

The facility to create your own subreddit on the subject you could possibly want, have created a network of micro-communities on countless topics. Reddit conversation is unmatched, there is virtually no place that compares in this regard. Anonymity is one of the great strengths of the site, because contrary to what you try to do at any other large network service putting your real name and face out there, in Reddit, we can all hide behind a pseudonym and say what we want (although it is certainly a double-edged sword).

Once you know Reddit cannot ever leave it, it is one of those places where you come back for more almost everyday.

3. TinyEye

Useful Websites

TinyEye is a site that allows you do reverse lookups of images, that is, enter the URL or upload an image and search the Internet site all sources containing the same image. It’s incredibly helpful to find out the original creator of a photo or illustration, or to check who goes stealing your images online.

Engine power TinyEye has made the most popular application of this type, as well as how easy it is to use it, make it worth best websites on the internet.

4. Genmirror

helpful Websites

Your internet service provider blocked your torrents download sites? use genmirror and show them the middle finger. Genmirror allows you to access all torrent sites that are blocked in your region, through its proxy servers you can access sites like: EZTV, The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents,, isoHunt, etc. And also it allows you to download torrents anonymously.

A site that you certainly must have on hand, for those times when the governments restrict our freedom and cause them to favor themselves or some of its rich friends who control the world.

5. Imgur

helpful Websites

Imgur is a service of hosting free image that became extremely popular thanks to Reddit, since most users use it as the main site for sharing images in the community.
Imgur is extremely reliable, it does not erase your images no matter how much bandwidth consumed (as they tend to do most of these services), with Imgur you are certain that your images will be online for a long, long time. It is extremely simple to use, it does not even require you register to upload images, but if you do you can organize your library albums.

6. Wordnik


Wordnik is a reverse dictionary for those who speak English, is a vastly superior seeker of words than the other reverse dictionary sites.

Writing a word or sentence in wordnik does not only gives you instant spelling and grammar checking but, all kinds of sentences for using it in different situations, definitions, slogans, etc. Super essential for anyone who wants a better writing tool.

7. Mallinator


Mallinator is a very simple site that offers you something that is very valuable: a disposable email address. There’s no need to register and you can use the input tray you want, which are created when a mail arrives at them.

Simply invent one address, and give it to Mallinator. Ideal for all those sites that ask you to enter your email address, or sign up and then fill your inbox spam.

8. Vector Magic

Vector Magic

Vector Magic is an online application that allows you to transform any image into a vector. No matter the initial format, size or quality, Vector Magic does.

Got an image you want to print a large poster? the resolution of a photo is too small to use on a website? No problem, upload your image to Vector Magic, either JPEG, GIF, PNG, and the software automatically converts scalable vector image formats such as EPS, SVG, and PDF.

The result is amazingly spotless and completely unattended. You can use it for free for a limited number of images, or the premium service to convert many as you want pictures.

9. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha has defined itself as a computational engine search. It’s a different search engine, it does not work like Google or Bing, or Yahoo. Wolfram Alpha asks questions for the process, and tries to understand exactly the information you ask.

Wolfram Alpha is able to process complex mathematical operations, and give you the answers to the universe, life, and everything. Wolfram Alpha is a place to find knowledge, no web pages. It is an interesting proposal, which is growing and you should try to truly understand what the hell you speak.

10. Netflix


If at this point you do not know what is Netflix, you’ve been living under a rock. If you’ve heard a lot about the service but it has not called your attention, or you think paying for something you can get “free” on the Internet is not worth it, believe me, you are wrong.
Netflix is the most wonderful thing that has been created for any lover of cinema and television, its cost is negligible for all it offers, you can pay one month of service with the same as you buy yourself a combo with hamburger and fries at Mc Donald’s. And the convenience of being able to choose from a huge catalog of movies and TV shows to watch online in high quality and from any device, is second to none.

Besides all this, Netflix has begun to create high-quality content itself and has also been responsible for saving traditional television series to be canceled taking them on its lap and offering them to their niche users. Netflix is love.

And this is the End of our 10 random useful sites list on the internet, Of course there are more than 100s of cool web pages which useful too and this list just made in our point of view, if you found any other site useful that not in our list, Don’t hesitate to let us know, drop your opinions in comments this article will be updated.


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