Last Update: March 2024

Stickers are fashionable and being able to personalize them is the goal that many people wants have. That’s why today in techindroid we talk about Sticker Studio, an app that allows you to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers.

Since it became known that stickers would reach WhatsApp, many people were waiting for them anxiously, while others chose to stick with the Telegram stickers instead. The stickers have taken many months to reach WhatsApp, which raised the expectations of some users above the clouds. Of course, the reality was somewhat disappointing, given the number of stickers that were available on launch day.

When they finally landed in the messaging app, some people managed to get the stickers from Telegram to the WhatsApp app in no time. With the Sticker Studio app, you can create your own stickers and use them in every conversation. You can even share them with your friends.

How to Create Your Own Stickers for WhatsApp 2023

Just follow these steps to make a sticker for WhatsApp:

  • Download and Open the Sticker Studio app for Android.
  • Accept the app permissions.
  • Click on the pink circle with a +.
  • Click on “capture photo” or “select photo“.
  • With the photo open, cut out the part you want to use with your finger.
  • Once that part is trimmed, you can save it or try again.
  • When you save the first cut, the application will ask for a name. The name you choose will be the name of your sticker pack in WhatsApp. It takes a minimum of 3 images to be able to share a sticker pack in WhatsApp.
  • Once you have all the stickers you want, press the WhatsApp icon that you see at the top of the Sticker Studio app. The app will ask you if you want to save these stickers under the name you have selected before. Then you will see that they have been automatically saved in a “folder” inside the app.
  • Now go to WhatsApp, click on stickers, and your pack will appear.

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You can make cuts of all the pictures you want. Despite this, you must be aware that the cut will not be very precise and isn’t meant to be perfect. Nevertheless, Sticker Studio does its function quickly and easily.

With Sticker Studio, you will be able to create your personalized stickers for WhatsApp in a few seconds. The app is free and available for download from the Play Store:

Now that you know all the details of Sticker Studio, you can download it and start creating your own stickers for WhatsApp, so you can really express everything you want at any time.


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