Last Update: February 2024

Recently, and after several beta versions, Stickers finally came to WhatsApp. But don’t even think for a second that those are something new – Telegram, the main competitor of Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging app, has had Stickers for years already.

The WhatsApp team has used the same method as Telegram to bring their Stickers to the app, and, of course, there are now users who want to extract the Stickers from Telegram. That’s why some people have decided to share the links to download and export Telegram stickers to use them on WhatsApp.

How can I Use Telegram Stickers On Whatsapp?

WhatsApp has stickers since the first day this feature was added. However, users didn’t like them very much – so far, the stickers that are available in the Telegram app have been more popular.

Telegram officially stated that there are some developers who have managed to pass stickers from one app to another, and added that they are allowing users to share the stickers for free on the WhatsApp platform, despite the fact that the stickers are copyrighted.

Of course, sharing and using said stickers has some conditions. You can’t just search for the sticker image and replicate it on WhatsApp using a foreign program since your actions could have legal consequences. So if you are a developer and you want to transfer the stickers from one platform to another, you have to contact Telegram first.

If you want to know how to get Telegram Stickers on WhatsApp, just download the personalized stickers as well as the rest of the sticker packs that can be found on Telegram using the following links:

  • Telegram Sticker Downloader for WhatsApp on iOS 2024:


  • Telegram Sticker Downloader for WhatsApp on Android:


Use Telegram Stickers On Whatsapp

That’s right – after a simple download, you will get all the Telegram stickers and will be able to use them in the WhatsApp app. From now on, your conversations will be more original thanks to these exclusive stickers.

Are you using Telegram stickers in your WhatsApp already? Do they look just like their original versions? Tell us about your experience in the comment section.



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