Here is the guide on How to factory reset PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 console.

Who has not ever got a Stuck in a PlayStation or Xbox due to an unexpected power shortage, or maybe a failure in the internet connection? We all know that, as computer hardware that they are, the different platforms of video games on the market may suffer the occasional blackout, an unexpected software break, or simply being the victim of a power outage in our home that leaves our console with a completely broken operative system.

When this happens, one of the most effective ways to recover the previous settings of the console is to completely restart the software. With this, we are not referring to just turning the PlayStation on and off, but to reset the system configuration to a greater extent so that it can start normally. In this article we going to show you how to factory reset Playstation 3

How to Factory Reset a PlayStation 4 & PS3

To perform a reboot of the PS4 system, you must do the same things you do when reset Playstation 3 to factory settings.

The steps you must follow are totally identical to factory reset a Playstation 4:

  • Once the console is turned off and left on standby, we will keep pressing the power button for about 7 seconds until we hear a beep.
  • The difference of the PlayStation 4 software is that by performing this reset the console will start in the so-called ‘Safe Mode‘, which will give us a choice between a series of maintenance options.

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Thus, by performing the steps mentioned above, we can restore our PlayStation 4 to its factory settings or reset a Playstation 3 to factory settings without losing any of our saved data. We can rebuild the database, or execute a sort of system formatting to restore the hard drive of the console to its original state, erasing everything that we had stored in it until leaving it as it was when the system left the store. We hope this guide helped you with factory reset PS4 & PS3, to read more articles like this one we recommend you enter our Tips & Tricks section.


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