Have you ever heard about monitoring applications? These kind of programs are very useful for keeping track of the activity of electronic devices, such as smartphones or desktop computers. Since the amount of information you can see with a monitoring app is really big, it’s pretty usual for employers or parents to have one of these in their homes or working environments. Are you one of those concerned parents that like to watch over their kids and regulate the content they see on the Internet? Are you in control over an important area on your company and want to make sure your employees aren’t procrastinating at work? Keep reading – today we’ll talk about an excellent monitoring application, FoneMonitor.

FoneMonitor Features

FoneMonitor, as we said, is a monitoring/spy application that can be installed on an iOS or Android device. The program is capable of keep track of everything that happens while using the smartphone in real-time, spy on the selected phone, and allow you to see all that happens if you log in remotely using your PC.

With FoneMonitor, you can:

  • Keep track of the multimedia files stored in the phone and download them on your PC.
  • Track SMS, instant messaging chats (WhatsApp, Messenger), call logs, browser history and current location using a GPS tracker.
  • Take screenshots of what’s currently happening on the tracked phone (useful if you’re keeping track of something happening while you’re logged).
  • Do everything it says it does without needing rooting/jailbreak or hacking the phone.
  • Use it to both track iPhone and Android devices.

You need to install an app on the selected phone if you want to use FoneMonitor, so you must have the owner’s consent first! Monitoring an adult without consent is illegal, and FoneMonitor does not take responsibility for the final user’s actions.

How To Use FoneMonitor

The process is very, very easy. You need to create a FoneMonitor account in order to start using the program. Once you do this, the download link will be sent to the mail you provided in the account creation process.

• Download the app on the selected phone. Remember there’s a tracker for Android and a tracker for iOS. Choose the right option for the smartphone you want to monitor.

• If you’re installing the app on an Android phone, make sure that the “Unknown sources” in the Settings menu is enabled. Enter Settings > Security and check the option. If it’s not enabled, do it.

• If you’re trying to spy on an iPhone, then you’ll need the iCloud user and password used on the phone.

• After this, you’re done – you can now enter the dashboard in your PC and start tracking the phone.

As you can see, FoneMonitor is surprisingly easy to use and set up, so you won’t need to worry again about how to spy on the activities of your children in their phones, or how to monitor the devices of your employees. And you don’t even need to know a thing about rooting or jailbreak since FoneMonitor works without additional requirements! If you still feel a little lost, you can enter the main site and watch a demo of the monitoring dashboard. You’ll understand everything there.

Even tracking text messages on iPhone has never been easier – they give you a guide for that. FoneMonitor is available in two editions: the Premium Edition that costs $29.99 per month, and the Ultimate Edition, at $39.99 per month. Choose the one that suits your needs best, and enjoy.


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