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Today in TechinDroid we will tell you Where to get cheap PlayStation Plus codes and how to cancel playstation plus subscription from automatic renewal.

PlayStation Plus codes allow you to renew your PlayStation Plus subscription, thus enabling you to play a wide variety of multiplayer games, and getting some sick discounts and free games, all for the price of $49.99 per year, or at least it was like that a few weeks ago.

Recently, Sony announced a price increase of the annual subscription to the service, from $49.99 to $59.99. Of course, you can save 10 more bucks to the service, but if you don’t feel like paying what is essentially a full AAA game per year for a service that you may or may not use, it’s totally okay. It is advisable that you cancel or disable automatic renewal before the price increases.

Free PlayStation Plus codes for PS4 & PS5 2024

If you subscribe directly from Sony then you are not getting the best price. it is way better to look for cheaper codes online, many of them are offered digitally, especially before the price increase that will be taking place this may.

The best deals for Digital code in United States are as follows:

12-month subscription to PSN plus codes

▪ $59.94 on Amazon US

▪ $59,95 in Bestbuy

$59,71 in Play-Asia

3-month subscription to PlayStation Plus

$24,99 in Bestbuy

$26,84 in Play-Asia

$19,90 on Amazon

Cheap Playstation Codes UK

▪ $7,89 in cdkeys (Playstation plus free trial code 30 Days)

How to Get Playstation Plus for Free 2024

Who all ready for own free playstation plus codes by completing offers and surveys from your android phone, I must recommend you try Whaff rewards app, by using this app you can make real money online by completing offers and refer your friends once you have earned enough bucks you will be able to redeem it as a PSN Card.How to get playstation plus for free
Alternatively you can try the PointsPrizes app, Its a legit way to earn free PSN Codes  by earning points. You can earn points by completing the free offers that available in the app. Once you’ve earned sufficient points you can visit their web page and claim your points as a PS Pus code.

For Android users:

For iOS Users:

Here are some working Free Psn Plus codes 2024 February

These playstation plus codes can be used for activating playstation plus 1 month free trial subscription without spending a penny. There are a lot of peoples who play Playstation games online using our playstation plus trial code. Note, All the codes listed here are generated by the playstation plus card generator tool, So without further ado lets see the codes.


How to redeem PlayStation plus code:

When you have your PlayStation Plus discount code, you can redeem it in two ways.

1.) Log into your PSN account using a browser and visit this link to redeem a code. Enter it and follow the steps. After that’s done, the code will take effect.

2.) Or, from your PlayStation 4, go to the PlayStation Store icon to the left of the main menu.redeem PlayStation plus code
Scroll down the bar on the left and select Redeem codes.redeem PlayStation plus code

Redeem the code and your subscription will be active. The same method is used to redeem other PS4 codes, such as digital games and demos, so it is worth remembering.

How to Cancel PSN Account 2024

If you are currently subscribed to the service directly from Sony and you are a Playstation plus code user, then the first thing you should do is cancel or disable the disable Automatic renewal of your current subscription. free ps plus card

How cancel your subscription before expiring

Although this is not necessary, you May find it useful to know when your PlayStation Plus subscription is about to expire before you cancel and renew it with a code.

It has only one way to do is sign into your PSN account in a browser and go to the section Multimedia. (If you are logged in then the previous link will take you directly there; if you’re not, go to Account Management, and then Multimedia at the top.) Click on Games and look for the latest games you’ve downloaded for free. Your due date will be the same as your subscription; the end of the day, once you cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription you can no longer access those games.

The other way to know is by directly going to your PlayStation 4 and it will be visible there. Here is a step by step guide on how to cancel your subscription and automatic renewal on your PS4.

To cancel your subscription and automatic renewal:
The easiest way to cancel or stop the automatic renewal of your subscription is via your PlayStation 4. First head to the PlayStation Plus icon in the upper left corner of console menu.How to Cancel PSN Account
Afterwards, go to Manage subscription in the upper right corner. Press the X button once and choose Subscription.How to Cancel PSN Account
You’ll see important information about your subscription, alongside the option to stop Automatic Subscription.How to Cancel PSN Account
This will disable or cancel your subscription after it has expired, allowing you to renew it by using a PlayStation Plus code bought from the sites listed above.

Now that you’re prepared for Sony’s price increase, you’re ready to keep using PlayStation Plus. It’s certainly not a perfect service, but it sure is really cool to use. Share this post with your friends, it helps them and us.



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