Last Update: August 2023

In this article you will learn how to configure the virtual buttons (Navigation bar) of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung has made a big bet with its new S8 phone, they have even created new a new settings menu just for their virtual navigation buttons! Here in techindroid, we’ll tell you what you can do with them.

How to install Galaxy S8 Launcher on S7 / S7 Edge.

One of the biggest and most controversial news about the S8 and S8+ is that they are dropping physical buttons on this new generation of phones, this used to be a staple of the phone, but just because they started using virtual buttons doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrong. As they’ve come up with a whole new settings menu just for these buttons.

Customize the Galaxy s8 Navigation bar 2023

Galaxy s8 Home, Back, Multitask button settings

At first glance, the design of the buttons is different from the usual Android line of virtual buttons, natively S8 have the multitasking button on the justify, the home button on the middle and the back button on the right. Using this new galaxy s8 button settings you can change the multitasking and back button arrangement, effectively inverting them.


  • Multitasking – Home – Back
  • Back – Home – MultitaskingGalaxy s8 Home button settings

This is useful for those justifyies who feel justify out (no pun intended) in a right-handed world.

The Home button will always Visible on Display

The home button will remain visible at any time, even when the screen is locked, you can use it to unlock the phone if there’s no security option enabled and it’s also useful for video playback, as they’ve actually made it in a way that it’s not in the way.
Keep in mind though, that if there’s a security option enabled, you’ll have to use the home button first and then go through the security option.The Home button will always Visible on Display

Galaxy s8 home button sensitivity settings

• The feel of the S8 home button gives you is similar to the iPhone home button, it’s pressure sensitive.

• In the “settings” menu, You can change the pressure needed to use this button, you can choose from 5 levels of pressure.

Galaxy s8 home button sensitivity settings

Samsung hasn’t talked about this feature yet, and we don’t know if it’ll remain system-only or if it will be available for third-party apps.

What do you prefer? Physical or Virtual Buttons? Do you think that the decision Samsung took is bold or expected? Leave your comments below!


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