Last Update: May 2023
We tell you the ways to charge your iPhone faster. By using this simple tips and tricks you can charge your iPhone in minutes (quickly) 6s 7 plus 5s.

Fast charging is one of the features that iPhone users have always dreamed of. Although some rumors point that Apple’s next smartphone could come equipped with this option, there is still nothing confirmed. So while we wait for this to happen, we share five tricks that can reduce the charging time and make the most out of the Battery of your iPhone. we have to try different tricks to significantly reduce the recharge time of our iPhone.

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At Next we will see the different ways to reduce the recharge time of iPhone. Make your iPhone charge faster when its dead.

1. Using iPad Charger

The first best known method and one of the quick way to recharge of Apple smartphone is by using the iPad charger.

This iPad charger accessory, has more power than the iPhone charger. It guarantees 12 W and 2.1 A compared to the 5 W and 1 A of the iPhone charger. In addition, for those who all  think its safe or not, the Californian firm has confirmed that this charger is compatible with all Apple mobile devices available in the market. So you can use it without risk of damaging your device.Charge iPhone Faster in minutes

Experiencing with an iPhone 7 Plus, the time for a complete recharge using the iPad charger happens to take about 3 hours to just over 2 hours. This is a remarkable improvement that can be further improved if we take advantage of the second and third methods that we will find below in 10 seconds instantly.

2. Activate airplane mode

When you going to put your phone in charger i recommend that you should “Turn On” Airplane mode on the device. This will disable all connections on iPhone automatically.

In this way the device will be in offline mode and will not receive any type of notification, call, message and any type of warning that requires the use of the network. At the same time the phone will not have any type of connection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So it will consume much less battery.Activate airplane mode

All these actions will be made changes efficiently on the device, that will reduce the CPU load remarkably. As we said before, in iPhone 7 Plus will took 3 hours for a full charge. After applying this method its got battery full within 1 and half hour.

3. Charging using Low Power Mode

The use of the Low Power Mode allows the user to use the device with the least number of possible benefits, which increases the battery life. Of course, this same procedure can be used to reduce the charging time of the iPhone.How to Charge your iPhone Faster!


It is important to note that the Low Power Mode active until the iPhone reaches 80% remains charge, after reaching this percentage, that mode will be automatically deactivated.

Using this method we managed to reduce the iPhone charging time. As in the previous point, the iPhone 7 Plus takes about 1 and half hour to fully get charged. In case of using these 3 Tips together iPhone just take about 1 hour and 15 mins battery got full. charge your iphone without charger

4. Use the original iPhone cable.

Although it may sound obvious, it is important to keep in mind that many times when we damage or lose the original cable of the phone. We prefer to buy a generic cable because it is less expensive. Without realizing that it doesn’t always have the same characteristics as an original. I recommend that if you recently purchased a cable from an unauthorized distributor, check the box and if you have 28 AWG, 24 AWG or 20 AWG. The higher number will slower charge, because the thickness of the cable will be thinner.

5. Check the temperature of the iPhone.

Usually this is a detail that we overlook but, that significantly influences the charging time of our smartphone. If we notice that the iPhone is hot, we had better remove the case with which we protect it and leave it supported on a flat surface on the screen.Tips to Charge iPhone Faster [Reduce charging time]

This is due to the fact that, When the iPhone’s charging circuit notices that the temperature values ??exceed the limits, the load current is reduced to force the cooling of the device, which causes it to take longer to reach 100%. Your battery.

6. Don’t use the phone while charging

Yes, it is obvious many of us using phone while charging. If we use the device while charging its charging time will take longer than normal. So if you want your iPhone charge faster, follow some of the above tips. how to charge your iphone in minutes

These are the quick and faster way to charge your iPhone 7 plus & 6. Tell us which is your favorite or what are the tricks you use to charge the iPhone quickly?
how to charge iphone 6s faster without charger.  


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