Lately, there has been great developments happening in the world of digital technology. Our phones, devices, and gadgets are becoming smarter and more efficient as they connect with the internet and all the latest updated apps that are becoming available in the market. As we get more enhanced technology, we get more and more oblivious as to what exactly it is that we are holding and how to control it. In fact, most people who learn how to open and use their phones with difficulties can’t be expected to know all the gimmicks of how software and hardware works. But that is the most sensitive place where the real threat is. People don’t have the knowledge to recognize potential threats to their systems and data.

Cyber Threats Out There:

Viruses have had a historical influence on the digital technology we know today. As the years went on and new devices with new kinds of software were launched, viruses developed as well. We now have spyware, malware, bloatware and various other kinds of viruses that are capable enough to render a whole device useless by corrupting its system files. That’s not all, the real threat is of the information theft that is as real as the cloud storage. If you can put your data online, it means people can access it online. Of course, choosing the right cloud storage with the best security is a nice option but still, the network is susceptible to infiltration. That’s how hackers steal data. They might not necessarily target the destination the data is set for, instead, they go for the caravan while it’s along the way.

Simply stated, your phone is the real point of entry for any hacker now. And as we all know, software running on the phones are known as apps and viruses that run on the phone are also available in the forms of applications. There are certain applications available in the market that provide a lot of privileges and accesses to target devices for a minimal fee. You can buy a subscription for an app and keep track of almost all the actions being carried out and the data stored on the device without even the target device’s user getting a notification. Here are some examples:


M-Spy is one such app that allows you to have not just the activity log but a keylogger for the target phone. This means, literally everything that is being typed on the phone can be seen on the admin’s phone. You can track text messages from another phone, see and record their calls, check their galleries, track the device’s location and even check online social media apps without the target device being notified. MSpy is available for Android and iOS devices.

Malware Types:

Recently, the android play store removed 13 driving-themed games that contained malicious malware that was downloaded through the game. An estimated of 560,000 people downloaded the malware into their devices before the apps were removed. These apps were published under the developer name of Luiz o Pinto. Other sorts of malware are being linked with malicious advertisements that are targeting more internet users than ever before. A single click initiates a download in the background. Therefore, it is recommended that you surf the internet with caution.


These are some of the apps in the market that offer this much access to the target device. These are some of the best examples of the type of malware and spyware threats in the market that we just don’t know about. Learning about our gadgets and the threats posed to them can help to keep our data safe.


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