mSpy Review: The Best Cell Phone Tracker App 2017

mSpy Review: The Best Cell Phone Tracker App 2017

1 in every 7 kids has been sexted by adult predators”, says the presentation made by Clear Run Intermediate School students. 93% of teens share their real names (PEW Research Center), which is a direct trap for them. Needless to say, that Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions are mostly ignored.

Best Remote Administration Tools 2017.

The access to the Internet as well as its content remains the biggest concern for parents today. That’s why acquiring a parental control application is a must. Let’s find out how mSpy can help your kids grow in a healthy online environment and interact with the online world safely.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is a cell phone monitoring app, which allows to monitor phones or tablets remotely. Once the App is installed on the target device, the user can access all types of data via the personal Control Panel. From now on, parents can follow kids’ call history, view contacts and block calls which seem dangerous. Besides, they can review chatting apps like SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, monitor online activity, track GPS location, and watch a shared content.

Features of mSpy Cell Phone Tracker

Features have never been so easy to use. A parent, who’s a dummy in all this digital thing, can use them. So here’s an overview of the features you can use to protect your kids:

✓ Follow the call history

mSpy Review: The Best Cell Phone Tracker App 2017Dialed numbers and received calls, including their duration and date, are not a secret anymore. You can choose a phone number which seems suspicious and block it.

✓ Read All SMS

Read All SMSWith this feature you are able to read incoming and outgoing emails, even if they were deleted. They are archived in your Control Panel.

✓ Follow with a GPS tracker

Track the exact location of your child’s phone and get notifications if they justify the safe area you set for them. Also, map out the locations your kids are more likely to visit.

✓ View websites

View websites

Have an access to all the web browsing history (with all detailed information), available on your Control Panel. Also, you may block sites you don’t want your child to hit.

✓ Follow Events and Contacts

Watch scheduled events in the calendar and new added contacts.

✓ Monitor Social Media

 Monitor Social MediaReview all the messages from different types of messaging apps like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber or iMessages.

✓ Control other apps

Control other appsRun and control all the apps installed on the device. You can also block the apps that seem inappropriate to you.

✓ Access to Archives,Photos and Videos

Have an access to all multimedia files, even if they were deleted or damaged.

✓ Protect personal data

Protect personal dataIn case of theft or loss, you can access the phone and block or erase all personal information remotely.

✓ Get an Activity Statistics

Have access to any kind of archived information (activities summary), stored after time, date, and place via a Control Panel.

✓ Be aware of everything they write

Be aware of everything they writeRead everything your kid writes, whatever it is (passwords, search words, SMS, etc.) and wherever they do it.

✓ Get a 24/7 support

Get an immediate assistance and guidance 24H per day, including weekends.

How to Setup and Use mSpy

Good news! It’s available in more than 10 languages and it is easy to install. So here’s a step-by-step explanation:

1. Purchase mSpy by choosing the convenient subscription on the website and complete the payment.

2. Check out your email box and follow installation instructions.

3. Download the app on your kid’s phone and start using it.

As you can see mSpy is easy to use and efficient cell phone tracker app in 2017, And almost its mostly used by parents so why are you waiting for lets give a try.


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