Musixmatch lyrics app has been used to see the song lyrics on spotify on all devices. Now the cooperation of (Spotify and Musixmatch) lyrics has been ended. Musixmatch no longer work with spotify.

There used to be a time when Spotify had several apps which could discover new music, give you the lyrics of the song, give you personalized playlists, among many other things. However, from the March 2015, the company decided to cancel this wonderful function and although it was forgiven for a bit with the release of weekly discovery, many still missed having those apps on the platform.

The only app that was saved from that elimination was Musixmatch, the tool that shows you the lyrics. Instead of being on the left sidebar which used to be the other apps, they meshed into the app at the bottom, next to the play controllers in ‘lyrics’. This doesn’t means you can’t use this feature anymore there are some Musixmatch alternatives for view lyrics on spotify.

Spotify musixmatch no longer working in 2017

However, we have bad news for those who all love to use musixmatch because this function because the alliance between Musixmatch and Spotify has officially ended, as reported by Musixmatch in a Medium blog post. “It was a grand alliance and there is mutual respect between the two companies but, our business strategies are moving in different directions (…) we regret the end of this association but, we have to keep our product and our customers above all. We will not allow anyone to ignore our business model”.

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In the blog post of Musixmatch app also contains a review of the growth they had in the streaming platform and the multiple ways in which millions of users using this tool: either to relive the time when you bought a CD and took the booklet box out to read the lyrics or even to learn new languages through music, as many teenagers did in the world.

And indeed, it is already effective, if you try to read the lyrics of a song, the screen will go black and you can not make your own karaoke. We hope that this issue is solved as soon as possible and that Spotify gets their hands on with a new solution to view the lyrics of a song. musixmatch spotify not working

MusiXmatch is available on iOS, Android, desktop ( Mac, windows 10, 8) and also available for youtube as a chrome browser extension.

What do you think about this? Did you use musixmatch with spotify when it was worked in Spotify? Leave your comments in the box below and share this post with your friends to share your enragement!


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