Along with the SSD , RAM is the component that most often think a user when to renew or improve the performance of your laptop or desktop. But like SSDs, it should know very well what brings the RAM the performance of our team as well as the types of RAM, how to choose the most appropriate and characteristics of a RAM in which we must look before you buy to our team.

How much RAM I need for my PC?

When a user buying a new PC or improvement you already have, raises the amount of RAM it is one of the most important decision factors. Hitting with the amount of RAM that one needs for a computer is not easy.

There is no magic formula but think for a basic user with just editing documents or surfing the Internet, 4 GB of RAM is already a minimum on which try to expand if the budget allows . Currently as we would remain in the 8 GB recommended except in cases of professionals or gamers who need to reach 16 GB and more memory. At the end it will depend on our budget, software used and the experience that we look forward to using the computer to choose the amount of RAM.


If we are not buying a new PC but expanding that we have, we should try to determine if we need more memory on your computer and how much it could be. A good idea would be to check on the common tasks we do with the PC, we consume much memory. Both Windows and Mac or Linux there are options for consultation, such as Task Manager or Activity Monitor.

Having decided on the amount of memory you want to buy to expand the base of our team should choose the same modules (eg better April 2 GB that one 8 GB if the maximum that we will place and we do not expand) and and take advantage of dual – channel systems (or even quadruple) of our team.

The maximum RAM that supports our PC

If you are planning to expand the memory of your computer, the forecasts have done may not be correct for one simple fact: the maximum memory that can put your computer brand motherboard both desktop and notebook and operating system . Even in recent ultrabooks is already very common RAM we choose to buy is high throughout the life of the equipment, because it comes welded and we can not change it if we want. Don’t be get confused of rom and ram, they both are different one Unlike RAM, the data in ROM is not lost when the computer power is turned off, click here to learn more.

Types of RAM and how to identify

When expand the RAM of your computer, the first thing to consider is the type of memory that can be placed and which supports our motherboard. RAM currently reference is the DDR4, although there are teams that could require “generations past” such as DDR3, DDR2 or even earlier.

Memory types are physically differentiated by the number of contacts, so they are not compatible with each other . It must be clear what you can connect to our team as any other directly can not physically insert. That information can be obtained from the operating system, looking at the information from the motherboard or using CPU-Z  software.

cpu z

Once you have make sure what type of the RAM does your pc have, and buy a new memory as same as the current ram type. In my case I have DDR4 which can be used on most of the latest machines.


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