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What If Snapchat brings saving Snapchat videos, stories feature to the snaps we receive and let you do screenshots of snaps someone sent you, that will be like you hunt a treasure But, sadly it will never going to happen since this app is gained these much fame because of its self destruct pictures and videos. This doesn’t mean that you can’t download Snapchat videos, This is where the third party apps come into this story and let you use advanced features that not included on the official app. Interesting right? so today in TechinDroid we panned out the working way to save Snapchat stories, Pics and videos using Snapchat saver on both Android and iOS devices.

Snapchat is an incredible platform used by millions of users worldwide, is different from most social networking applications that are on the market, this is because it has a few seconds to see a photo or video that, after a while, will no longer be available. This peculiar characteristic of self-destruction is what makes it so popular. Many users are wondering if there is a way to download videos from Snapchat before they disappear completely, and certainly, there are third party apps always have the place of doing experiments on this app and today discover how to save Snapchat videos, Save Snapchat stories and photos secretly.

CAUTION! Snapchat Screenshot Alert

We all wanted to take a screenshot on this Instant camera messaging app, either to save a photo or messages, but, if we dare do it on the default way you capture screenshot on your device, the app will notify the user that you took a screenshot, betraying our intention.

It is a mistake many newbies make, fortunately, these applications will not leave any traces of use. If you just wanna make a screenshot without notifying the sender read our previous guide about making Screenshot of a Snapchat without Notification, there we have explained that clearly and this guide have solution for that too.

Apps to Download Snapchat Stories, Videos & Photos Without Sender Knowing

Are you ready to get started? Here we listed the best Snapchat saver apps for both android and iPhone that 100% working with save a Snapchat Video, Story & Photo on Snapchat in 2024. Here are few apps to save Snapchats on Android and iOS.

Save Snapchat Photos, Stories and videos on iPhone

Method #1 (iOS 11 and Up) No App! No Jailbreak!

A viable solution if you own an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 and up, iOS 11 has built in feature to record activity of an iPhone/iPad screen without the use of third party apps. So lets see how to setup it for capture snaps.

  • Before you use this tool, you need to enable it from the settings, here you go: At first navigate your device to “Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls“, There you will be able manage the quick shortcuts that appear on the Control centre of your phone.

Download Snapchat Stories

  • Now just scroll down the list and look for the shortcut “Screen Recording“, once you have spotted that just tap green Colored “+” Button. That’s all now the option for capture your device’s screen will appear in the control centre.

Download Snapchat Photos

  • You are all set, now open snapchat app and toggle the Control centre by swipe up from the below of your phone’s screen and Tap on “Record Button” to start capture the screen of your iPhone or iPad. Late record was started the snapchat videos, stories, pics you are watching is being recorded as a video. After captured all the things you wanted now again toggle control centre and Tap on Record button again.

You can view recorded video from the Photos album of your iPhone.

Method #2

We recommend you try the best app to save Snapchat, that is iOS Screen recorder this app allows you to record any activity undertaken on the phone, including audio. We going to use this tool as a video saver for Snapchat, To use it you must follow the following steps:

1.) Obviously, the first thing you need to do is download the iOS Screen recorder app on your iPhone, from your browser and head to the official website. Then select the option to install, accept and start downloading the application to your phone.

2.) When trying to open the application you will get an error “Untrusted Enterprice Developer” that will make us believe that we cannot download videos from Snapchat with this app.

3.) To remove this message, You need to go to “Settings“, then select “General” and headed for “Device Management” and activate the Trust of this application.

Save Snapchat Stories

4.) Then we go to Snapchat and play as normal the video you want to save on your phone. After the video ends, we head back to the app and stop recording.

Immediately the video will be saved in this way in our gallery, we save Snaps on our iPhone without the other person noticing.

Save Snapchat VIDEOS, Pics and Stories on ANDROID with Screen Recorder 

If you’re using Android this application will be perfect for save Snapchat Videos from someone’s story and pm, its a screen recorder for your smartphone that lets you capture video in any activity you make on your phone, including videos being played on Snapchat, unfortunately, you can not record audio. Its an app that lets you save Snapchats.

It is one of the most recommended app to download Snapchat videos, pics and stories.  For example, if you want to download a video from Snapchat on your phone and play them in the future, of course, the use of this app will not alert anyone in Snapchat. One of the pros of this application is the ability to set the video quality and size and other interesting features, if you want to use it follow this steps:

  • At first download and install the AZ screen recorder app from playstore or by clicking the badge i have mentioned above.
  • Once installed just open it, This app doesn’t has any main interface, You can start recording by click on the Screen recorder icon that sit on the left corner-middle of your phone screen (Its a floating icon, You can simply drag it to adjust the padding position). Just Tap on it to toggle menu.
  • When opening a box with four different icons, the Middle one is “Start recording“, the First one is “Settings”, the second option is for take screenshot. Fourth button is to view “saved” files and the X will be “Quit”.

Save Snapchat VIDEOS

  • Now you just open Snapchat and activate the Record button on the AZ recorder, you can do it either by toggle notification bar and tap on record button.

Now you just play the snap (Story, pic or a video) that we want to record and when done press “stop”, the snap will be saved in our video gallery to watch it on any media player.

Save my Snaps

SavemySnaps is an free android app that let you do some tricks on this social network like saving snaps, sending pictures from gallery, draw on snaps and many more features. After 2015 this app is officially discontinued not receiving updates anymore! These kind of 3rd party Downloader apps only work for a short while so its better to use screen capture apps i have mentioned above if you have trouble with using the Snapchat saver apps on iOS and Android. Then look for similar screen recorder apps if you look on play store you will find a lot of alternatives.

In this way, we can download videos, photos and stories from Snapchat with ease. Do not forget to comment your experience with these snap saver apps, as well as share this article on your social networks.

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  1. Why would you even bring up a discontinued app? Let alone bring up a discontinued app 3 YEARS after it was discontinued and give it its own section header?

    • I didn’t put it without a reason, still lot of people looking for that discontinued app and some sites are tacking advantage of it. They spreading malicious programs under this app name!… At least now they will know its no longer available and is best to look for alternatives.


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